50 Most Beautiful People

In the world!!! This is from People magazine of course.
• Jennifer Aniston, actress
• Simon Baker, actor
• Halle Berry, actress
• Julie Bowen , actress
• Tom Brady, football player
• Matt Cedeno, actor
• Hayden Christensen, actor
• Jennifer Connelly, actress
• Jeff Corwin, animal show host
• Cindy Crawford, model
• Craig David, R&B singer
• Kirsten Dunst, actress
• Cameron Diaz, actress
• Jimmy Fallon, comedian
• Vonetta Flowers
• Jodie Foster, actress
• Jennifer Garner, actress
• Josh Hartnett, actor
• Marg Helgenberger, actress
• Jill Hennessy, actress
• Oliver Hudson, actor
• Hugh Jackman, actor
• Rashida Jones, actress
• Ashley Judd, actress
• Alicia Keys, musician
• Nicole Kidman, actress
• Boris Kodjoe, actor
• Nigella Lawson, TV chef
• Debra Messing, actress
• Mandy Moore, pop star
• Viggo Mortensen, actor
• Apolo Ohno, speed skater
• Sharon Osborne, MTV star
• Zara Phillips, royal
• Natalie Portman, actress
• Julia Roberts, actress
• Mitt Romney, politician
• Alessandro Safina, opera singer
• Diane Sawyer, news anchor
• Shakira, pop singer
• Britney Spears, pop star
• Audrey Tautou, actress
• Paul Walker, actor
• Denzel Washington, actor
• Naomi Watts, actress
• Bernie Williams, baseball player
• Luke Wilson, actor
• Reese Witherspoon, actress
• Chely Wright, country singer
• Will Yun Lee, actor
Nothing too objectable. I hate Julia Roberts and think she is ugly as hell but I’ve come to terms with the fact that some people think that she’s attractive.

No Winona Ryder? Pah.

Most of them are really predictable, although Hugh Jackman is my wet dream - kudos to him.

Too many of the dudes have that girly thing going for them. I’m sorry, but if you would look just like a woman with a wig on, I’m not interested (yes, Paul, Hayden, and Oliver, I am looking at you).

Also, if your name is Jennifer Aniston, Julie Bowen, Cameron Diaz, Jimmy Fallon, Josh Hartnett, Mandy Moore, Julia Roberts, or Luke Wilson: HEY! You’re ugly. People was only kidding. Tee hee.

Kirsten Dunst shouldn’t be anywhere near that list. I know this is a mean thing to say and I might get flamed for it but I think she is so ugly she almost looks deformed. I also don’t see the attraction to Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, and Cameron Diaz (but they’re not ugly like Dunst, just not top 50 gorgeous.)

Where’s my mom? Why didn’t she make the list?

There’s something about that list that has always chapped my ass. I wish they’d call it the 50 Most Trendy People instead, so I didn’t feel like they were trying to dupe me. Hayden Christensen? Please. :rolleyes: He’s only ‘beautiful’ because he got to make out with Natalie Portman. No one at People had a hard-on for him before he got involved with Episode II, and he’ll be forgotten as soon as it’s over. Jennifer Connelly has been just as beautiful for the last several years as she is now, but has she been on the list? Nope. But this year, she’s Trendy.

And by the way, Cameron Diaz is, in fact, ugly.

For the record, Vonetta Flowers was on the gold medal winning women’s bobsled team at the Salt Lake City Olympics.

Where’s Elijah Wood, dammit?

Exactly! I don’t know why that didn’t occur to me but you are 100% right. And it’s funny that you mention Jennifer Connelly because I’ve noticed lately that she looks worse now than she has in the past.
And let me just echo again how wretchedly ugly Kirsten Dunst is. Normally I wouldn’t say a word about it but she had to go and get herself cast as Mary Jane Parker who is the undisputed (in my mind at least ;)) best looking girl in comics.

IMO, a 50 Most Beautiful People list is not a 50 Most Beautiful People list unless it includes Jude Law.

Julia Roberts probably has a standing agreement with People that she’ll grant them interviews if they keep puting her on their list.

Sharon Osborne? Before or after the plastic surgery? I do think she’s attractive, but not beautiful. This proves it’s a trendy list; let’s see if she ever makes it on there again.

Glad to see my future wife, Nigella Lawson, made the list though. :smiley:

No Laetitia Casta? I cannot conceive how you can compile a beauty list without including her…

You know, when I read this thread title, for an instant I thought it read “SD Most Beautiful People” and my heart skipped a beat!!

Now that would be a thread worth seeing!! :smiley:


OK, Jennifer Connolly is the most beautiful human ever.

And I am in serious love with Nigella Lawson. Something about the way she snacks at the fridge wearing the PJ tops, mmmmmmmmmmmm

And Kirten Dunst is FINE!!! Don’t listen to Cisco sweetie! You are the cat’s meow!

Don’t read anything into the fact that I misspelled your name, dear. You know that I’m an idiot.


That’s strange…the fifty most beautiful people in the world and they all happen to be celebrities? What are the odds? It’s already strange enough that most of them are white and American, but that every one of them is fairly well known?


Then maybe someone would care to name a beautiful person of their choice…

An image of whom can be seen on the internet perhaps?

Ah. Time for “People’s” annual “50 People With the Best Press Agents” issue already?

I don’t care that he’s dead- where’s Hank, the Angry, Drunken Dwarf???

I hate lists like this. It’s the 50 most beautiful people who are trendy and popular and celebrities right now list. Where’s Isabella Rossellini? Jude Law? Marilyn Monroe? Keanu Reeves?

And how the hell did Jimmy Fallon make that list? WTF!!!