Ugly Dresses

Be afraid…be VERY afraid.

After the wedding they could use a swatch fromthese to patch a broken tail light.


I love it!!!
[sub]But I kind of want the tapestry dress…[/sub]

Funny site.

Since Killer and I are getting married next year, maybe we should make winning in several catagories our quest. Well maybe not…

I’d love to see someone organize an Ugly Dress fashion show. The proceeds could go to charity, or maybe be used to assist bridesmaids everywhere in easing themselves back into society.

Still, how else would we have become acquainted with seafoam green?

Or shiny sapphire blue! Mmmmmmmm…with white shoes. And a big lacy white collar. Perfect!

Don’t forget the white lace pantyhose.

Some of those really aren’t that bad… for the 80’s.
If they’re wearing them now, it’s very very bad.

My eyes! My eyes! Aaaargh!!!

Huh. I should send in my old bridesmaid’s dress, which was vintage Floral Couch in teal with pink roses. Huge puffy sleeves, bows, the whole deal.

I’ve seen this site before-it’s hysterical.

That said, I do like the first dress in this photo.

Nope, Guin…that first dress has a fatal case of torpedo tits. She should not – cannot – go out in public with sno-cones strapped to her chest. It just wouldn’t be right.

I used to feel sorry for myself because I was never asked to be a bridesmaid. After seeing these monstrosities, I’m thankful I don’t have a closet full of butt-bows in dreadful colors. And I’m sure my friends are glad I eloped and spared them, too!

Excuse me. I have to go to the bathroom before I wet my pants from laughing.

What were these people thinking?!


I really enjoyed the pregnant prom goer photo. Nothing like bearing it all for everyone to see.

BTW, I was the matron of honor in my sister’s wedding just 4 short months ago, the dresses she choose could be photographed and sent in. The ugliest dress I have ever worn, bar none.

Whoever designed this one should be beaten and forced to wear it…in all its hideousness…to every gathering for the next 20 years.

*For my wedding, would you mind dressing like a thimble?

Yeah, Thimble Girl looks just Terriff! Doubles as a tampon. A tampon with a face.

Mainly for UK dopers…

Didn’t know Ann Robinson frequented this board! Anybody NOT notice that awful frock last night on “Test the Nation”
(& I only scored 36/70 & got beat by the other half - bugger):mad: