Uh...Group Hug?

Group Hug.

A site where people can go to anonymously spew forth their confessions or whatever is on their mind. Some of the revelations are…let’s say, not that monumental. Examples from the site (mangled spelling/grammar preserved):

-“everytime i drop something even a fucking pen i can hear my mum screaming upstairs “what happened?!?!” every fucking time”

-“I was going to the mall, and this bumper sticker said, “Don’t blame me, I voted for Kerry.” I thought it was awesome.”

-“i hate coffee flavored brownies. they taste so terrible. my mom made some today, and i had to eat it since she was standing there watching me, and i said it was really good, but now i feel really sick and i wouldn’t eat another one if she paid me.”


Huh. They changed the URL for LiveJournal, I see.

Aww, here’s a sweet sentimental one:

"I want my girlfriend to have bigger tits, to be able to deepthroat, to swallow more often and to let me fuck her in the ass (and do things in general to that hole).

Is that so wrong? "

“And do things in general to that hole.”

There is absolutely no context in which that statement sounds good.

Maybe he means to wash it, or give it flowers or something nice like that.

It’s fun to play the Sequential Game with these:

>I want a guy to throw me on my back, toss my legs back behind me until my feet are planted on the wall, then seriously fk my a into oblivion.

>Oops… I think I killed my turtle.

That reminds me of one of my other favorite sites, In Passing. People post things that they overhear on the bus or in resturaunts.

An example:
“Did I tell you about Shawn at Alyssa’s party?”
“What about him?”
“He was going to play the karaoke video game, but then he was like, ‘Wait, first I need a shot of liquid courtesy.’”
“Don’t you mean courage?”
“I have no idea what he meant. But he sang Britney anyway.”
–A guy and a girl at Tsunami Sushi

Interestingly enough, most of these would be best accomplished if she had a boyfriend with a smaller dick.


Like In Passing, but with that New York flair.

“The light we see now left the sun 8 minutes ago. So if the sun goes out, we’ve got 8 minutes of light left. Before it gets friggin’ cold.”
“If the sun goes out, like, seriously blows up, I actually think gravity is the more immediate concern. I don’t really know, without the sun, gravity might go screwy.”
“Man, I hadn’t even thought about that. I feel like I should hold onto something. I’m going to have to, like, sleep holding on now.”
–A girl and a guy at the Parkway theatre
I got all sentimental reading this one. Reminded me of some of the people I knew back in my not-so-lucid high school days :rolleyes:

Hah! That reminded me of something I used to do…in highschool I had a typing class that was so boring I’d often wander away from the exercise book and start typing dialogue that I heard in class. I’ve got it somewhere…If I can find it I’ll post it.

A couple snippets I remember are:

“She had it in her hair and she rubbed it all over his face.”

“So the guy jumped up and grabbed the microphone stand, and he went like this, he went like…WHOOOMP!”

Good times, good times.


You think?

The meat neither looks nor tastes like chicken. Silly children.

Here’s a good one, from Overheard in New York:

“Guy on cell: Yeah I know her, my sister went out with her when she was still a man.” :eek:

Hahaha, I was about to post that one. :eek: indeed.

My favorite is two teens on the subway, loking in a newspaper

>Check this out: it says “Job Training for Bi-otch”

>That’s Biotech. Why you gotta be ignorant your whole life?

Haha, I love that one.


I like this one a lot, same idea, but separated into the seven deadly categories.

This is why grandma insisted on an open casket funeral.

postsecret.blogspot.com – no direct link, cause the images there aren’t always worksafe. Think of it as the artist’s version of grouphug.

Thanks for the link to In Passing.