Uhh...... ????

I have a question… if I downloaded a trial version of AOL, would I have to use AOL as my main browser? Or could I keep using my current internet provider as my main one? I NEED TO KNOW SOON! :o)

No, you don’t.

I use AOL (pausing to allow for snickers and guffaws emanating from the peanut gallery to subside). I never use the built-in browser that AOL includes, and use MSIE instead.

I use AOL…but I use Netscape as my browser. I log on and leave AOL behind. Except for mail. I like AOL’s mail program.

You can also access AOL through your ISP without a separate phone call. It is called “TCP/IP access” in the sign-on setup. If you intend to use this all the time, you can opt for the “Bring Your Own Access Plan” for a much lower monthly fee. Read the description of the plan carefully before deciding.

Okay… but I also need to know something else. okay… I am currently using Earthlink. If I use a trial version of AOL, would it mean switching from Earthlink to AOL? Because I have an old less costly plan with Earthlink, and if I have to leave Earthlink and then come back, I will be stuck with a new plan. HELP!

I think we have a winner in the “Least Descriptive Thread Title” contest!

To elaborate on minty green’s comment: It helps tremendously if your thread title has something to do with your question. If you’ve got a title like “Uhh… ???”, then the only people you’re going to get reading your thread are the really bored or curious folks, with time on their hands. On the other hand, if you title your thread something like “AOL question”, or “Switching to AOL”, then you’ll get people who know something about AOL reading your thread.