UK/BBC radio: Is “My Word” still “new”?

I listen to “My Word” in the U.S. on my local public radio station. Is this show still being produced in 2002, or am I listening to old re-runs? No one on the show makes a reference to anything after 1980, and most of the references are to the 1940’s.

It’s not listed on the Radio 4 programme guide, so I’m assuming it’s no longer being produced.

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Ok, does anyboby out there know when it stopped being produced?

I occasionally catch this here in Hong Kong. (Obviously, someone thinks we’re still a British colony.) My hunch is, it’s still being produced, but by people who have found a niche market that’s stuck in a time warp.

According to this site it packed up in 1990, which amazed me as I assumed it didn’t survive the '70s.

Somebody at NASA ought to ask Denis Norden how come he and Frank Muir managed to live the whole of their lives during the summer of 1947 no matter what the calendar said ;).