UK dopers: self-enrolling A-levels

I think this has been alluded to here before, but has anyone had experience of self-enrolling for A-level exams, or knows what’s involved? I suspect the difficulty is that most courses have coursework, and this needs to be marked / supervised.

And yes, I have tried to look into this.
I’ve been on the sites of the main exam boards AQA, OCR… and they don’t provide any info on self-enrolling. Or my search-fu is not up to it.
I’ve e-mailed them and received no reply.
The next step is phoning them, but even there, there are specific numbers for current students, teachers etc. I feel a little silly phoning one of these numbers, and Dope comes higher as an option :slight_smile:

I think some exam centres allow people to self-enroll, try ringing your local six-form college.

In the meantime, <bump>

Jeez people are posting a lot of GQs…can’t believe how quickly mine fell out of sight…


I have recent first hand experience of this. In my case, although I am required to attend occasional assessments, there is no coursework that makes up a percentage of the final exam. (This may depend on the subjects taken).

As far as I am aware, you cannot “self enrol” as such, to take the exam, you need to belong to a recognised school or college. I am sure your local college or community learning centre would be happy to help you, just call and ask for Student Admissions.

If you need more details, let me know … I would have PM’d you, but you don’t have it enabled :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I’ll get in contact with my local college then. It’s maths A-level I’m looking to do, so maybe the coursework requirements are minimal / zero.