UK Iraq Claims fallout continues

The continued impact of the alledged “sexing up” of the UK Iraq claims (regarding WMD’s deployed in large numbers ready to go in 45 minutes) and the disasterous claims regarding the crudely faked African nuclear materials, and sad tragedy regarding Dr. Kelly continues:

Widely viewed as the most important team member and advisor to Blair:

His resignation can’t a good thing for Blair and his political slide following the Iraq-Kelly investigations.

UK Dopers (and others), your take?

More on the “official” reasons:

I don’t know, call me dubious on that one.

He’s let the scapegoat go. I guess the plan is for the press to eat Campbell alive and that will be the end of the story.

If you dig a little deeper though, then a slightly different story emerges. The scuttlebutt is that he’s been openly planning to resign for several months for “family reasons”. Depending on your political/conspiritorial leanings the actual timing may or may not be coincidence.

More on the timing issue:

Some additional quotes:

Yeah, I remember hearing stories about Campbell’s intended resignation a few months before the Kelly saga started. 'Fraid I don’t have any links but hopefully someone will be able to corroborate.

More on the possible motivations for the resignation, and the WMD-Kelley fallout continuing to effect Blair:

and, most accurately, IMHO:

Very interesting events indeed. Your thoughts?

Sorry elf, but Campbell’s plans to quit are old news. Have a look at most of the pundits reports, and you’ll see he’s been planning to leave for moths.

I met the guy once, 6 months ago. I was particularly surprised at how straight forward he was, compared to the newspapers descriptions of him.

I’m very surprised indeed at the timing, and I would expect a lot of political observers are too.

Campbell has indeed made it known that he would resign, however, given that he has just appeared as a witness in loss of life inquiry, and given that he denies any of the allegations or suspicions about his role in altering intelligence reports or the release to the public of the name of Dr Kelly, I would have expected him to remain in place at least until the inquiry is over and its findings published.

Well, that’s a llittle one-sides, elf. For one thing, I see you didn’t mention that Gilligan himself has come under fire, and has been relieved of his reporting duties at the BBC. It turns out the one doing the ‘sexing up’ here may have been Gilligan.

And Campbell DID say that he planned to retire last year. It sounds to me more like a routine resignation that the media chose to spin into “fallout from the dossier scandal”.