UK Subaru Impreza owners - Scooby?

Any idea why they are nicknamed Scoobies?

Are you sure it’s Scooby? I think it’s more likely they are called Subies as a somewhat more affectionate, shortened form of Subaru.

Because ‘Subaru’ sounds like ‘Scooby Doo’, of course. You know, the cartoon.

WinkieHubby belongs to a Subaru Impreza owner’s message board – and his member status there is Scooby Newbie. Here’s his story on the nicknaming process –

Subaru gets shortened to Subie, which sounds an awful lot like Scooby, so there you go. Some enthusiasts apparently outfit their Subarus with Scooby Doo floor mats, air fresheners, and mud flaps, get license plates that say “Ruh Roh”, etc.

Better never show up on the Subaru in my garage …

My wife and I are on our fourth Subaru and talk about going “Whoopdy do in our Scoobydo”

I-club dot com? A great place for information, but I visit very infrequently. You can only listen to so many people claiming that a new air filter gave them 30 more horsepower so long before you head off on sabbatical. Still, if you have a Subaru question, particularly on the WRX, that is the place to go.