Ukraine.... your predictions?

So what are your predictions now that Yanukovich has been ousted?

My prediction is this, and bookmark this page for future reference:

By the end of 2014 Ukraine will have US supported jihadists running wild just like Syria and Libya etc. :rolleyes:

Anyone else agree?

TV reports here are saying that the **chief rabbi in Ukraine is warning all Jews should leave the country.

I would think the heads of the churches will be saying the same thing soon too.

For sure the American president seems to have it in for Jews and Christians!

I think maybe you’re not familiar with the religious makeup of Ukraine.

you’d be wrong

Report on news that the Jews in Ukraine have asked Israeli FM to help protect the countries Jews

I suspect he is right. Ukraine has a miniscule Muslim population with essentially zero political influence. Almost the entire population is one variety or another of Christian.

You do not understand what’s going on there.

It’s probably wise for the Jewish community to be a little wary about political upheaval in an eastern European country…but it’s laughable to blame that on jihadists.

Something… something… Poe’s law…

Yanukovich in Kharkov is on Ukraine TV NOW!! saying he has not resigned and will fight

This too is my favourite angle of examining world events…

Canadian hockey teams shut out the US in gold medals!: But how will it effect the Jews?

Italy announces youngest PM: But how will it effect the Jews?

Revolution in the Ukraine: But how will it effect the Jews?

Seriously, OP doesn’t strike me as having a consuming concern about the well being of The Jews as it is about hyperbole and histrionics.

2 million Muslims is not miniscule but we are not talking about that.

Egypt is 80% Muslim and 20% Christian, BUT! that’s doesn’t stop the US backed MB jihadists and the outside foreign jihadists from running wild against us.

Further evidence that Yanukovic has a face for radio.

as I said

by the end of 2014 Ukraine will be dealing with jihadists and terrorism

Not even close. About 393,000. 0.9% of the population.

6 Qatari nationals (probably US backed jihadists for what else could they be if they are Qatari right ??? ) have been arrested in Benghazi airport today with fake Libyan passports trying to board flight to Turkey.

In all the current conflicts there is always one main common denominator.

A conspiracy theorist with zero facts, a pet boogeyman and an overactive imagination?

Would you care to join my CAR thread?

and other will say 2 million


look at every major conflict and one country name always appears

that’s a FACT

To cut to the chase, I’m going to assume you mean the U.S.

What is the major and (I assume) evil role has the US played in the Ukraine?