Ukraine.... your predictions?

My prediction is that you will continue to spout nonsense that Obama is a secret Muslim with members of the Muslim Brotherhood in his cabinet out of one side of your mouth while spouting nonsense about US foreign policy being dictated by the Zionist entity out of the other side while failing to see the contradiction. I also predict you will continue to do this using large fonts and dramatic colors.

While I haven’t read or heard the rabbi’s words, Muslims are not really part of the equation in this conflict.

What Jews in Ukraine are worried about is most likely the prominent neo-nazi and far-right rebel groups (such as the Right Sector and parties like Svoboda) who have precipitated much of the violence in the last few days.


Those others will be incorrect or lying.

Please cite your 2 million number or retract it.

According to CNN the Ukrainian Parliament just votes unanimously to remove Yanukovich from office.


My prediction? Putin moves to annex strategically critical areas of Ukraine…and quickly

You don’t think he’ll wait for the Olympics to be over before launching an invasion? But seriously, for all the posturing I doubt Putin wants to really reignite the Cold War in earnest.

I suspect Putin thinks of events in the Ukraine as an internal Russian matter.

That’s the feeling I get when I hear Russia’s thoughts on the matter. Nothing so diplomatically catastrophic as coming right out and saying it but still…the language doesn’t *feel *neutral.

There are also groups on the Crimean peninsula that are asking Russia to step in so they have a quasi-humanitarian excuse right there.

I predict tears before bedtime on this one. What I really hope is that the moderate Euro-facing factions prevail. That is their best hope.

“Tymoshenko, Tymoshenko, se enojo con Napoleon porque Napo le decía que el LICEO es el campeón”

-Old high school sport song from the old country.

Well, Napoleon lost in the end, latest reports mention that an opposition unit took control of the presidential palace outside Kiev on Saturday, as Ukraine’s president, Viktor F. Yanukovych, fled the capital.

Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko has been freed from the hospital where she was held under prison guard for most of the time since her 2011 conviction.

Tymoshenko is apparently en route to Maidan Square from the airport to lay flowers at the site of Thursday’s massacre. You can watch it streaming here.

What’s the deal with Tymoshenko? What was she arrested for, and why was she being held in a hospital?

You can find a brief summary here. Basically, it’s widely believed that her prosecution was politically motivated. BTW that hairdo is straight out of Slavic folklore. She supposedly slipped a disc, which is why she was in the hospital.

Tymoshenko is speaking right now in the Square.

You do not need to speak the language, it is an incredible and amazing historic moment to see.

She was arrested for abuse of power, concerning a natural gas trade deal between Ukraine and Russia, but I believe it’s basically been agreed all around that the court was biased and looking to lock her up - the only real obstacle before to her release was Yanukovych, but he’s not exactly a factor at this point. The reason she’s in a hospital and not jail is becasue she was diagnosed with spinal disc herniation.

Indeed, the live feed shows her speaking passionately while she is on her wheelchair. While it is true that he was in the hospital, the reports mention that she was under guard in the hospital with no freedom to go to any other place.

You can see some photos of Yanukovych’s compound here. Check out the gold banknotes in his image, his initials everywhere, and well, the galleon.

Ddammit! I’m at work and can’t listen or watch live. :mad:

I’ll have to find footage when I get home this evening.

btw, did anyone else notice that things came to a head shortly after Pussy Riot showed up in Kiev? :smiley:

What exactly is going on in the live feed? I don’t speak Ukrainian, but the camera is focusing on the crowd, where there seems to be streams of hospital workers or police walking through the crowd?