UL battles continue

I have a co-worker (sorry, orker’s getting to be too old a gag, and the cows are tired to boot) who is my peer (district head) and a both an intelligent and productive team member as well as being an obnoxiously aggressive corporate infighter who’ll carve a pound out of my flesh just because he sees the opportunity, failing to realize that he’s just taken his own team down a notch.

So, we deal with a bright and engaging jug of sweaty nitroglycerine, who can often, but not always, remember that we’re the guys who are trying to speak with one voice to the corporate center of being.

We have a morning meeting that doesn’t happen if he’s not available, and wouldn’t at all if it were not a corporate mandate. So, it’s his dominion. Generally a waste of time, but he does manage to unload a UL every so often and I’ve wondered how to deal with that.

So far, I’ve just let’em slide, because I really don’t need any more infighting than I’ve already got. To call him on it in a meeting where he’s just regaled the crew with (most recently) a tale of somebody finally developing their vacation pictures only to discover what the local bandidos had done with their toothbrushes would likely result in tactical nuke warfare - which I could survive but certainly don’t need, and is a price to pay much dearer than just letting the glurge grow and fester (well, near-term, anyway).

I’ve thought about advising him in private, but, sheesh, he takes even that kind of thing as some sort of chess move. I’ve had other thoughts, but I’d like to hear what the Dopers think. How should I handle letting this guy know he’s passing on BS? He’s the only other one who really uses the 'net at all, but he’s definitely not beyond the glurge-is-good stage, and he’s touchy, combative and my peer who should be my team mate.

i dunno. sounds like you already know the answer. if i were you, id ask myself why i felt it important to correct this glurge-spewer, especially when you know he wont take it well.

Do you still have snail mail inboxes at work?

If so, the next time he spews, take a moment, go to snopes, find the answer and make a hard copy of it. Then photocopy it and quietly place a copy in every inbox of those who were present with you when he spewed his (un)intelligence.

One would think after several hard copy responses distributed among the ignorant, including the idiot himself, he just might have a second thought.

One would think, but I had to do a “reply to all” to once again remind my sister-in-law that she should really check out those scare-emails before she sends them to every person in her address book. I’ve now made the loop from very polite to not at all polite back to very polite emails to her and nothing seems to work. I can’t stand to watch someone spread ignorance when the tool to fight it is right at their fingertips. And I especially detest having it sent to my inbox when I have time and again given her the tools she needs.

Whew. Sorry for the sudden descent into ranting.