Ultimate Cheeseburger: RUINED.

As part of the “our best burgers ever” thing, they’ve now smothered KETCHUP all over the Ultimate Cheeseburger. What happened to just meat and cheese?

Goddamn motherfuckers.

First Naugles closed down, then McDonald’s discontinued the McDLT, then Taco Bell made all their soft tortillas charred and flaky, then Subway raised their prices, now this.

[Onion] If I do not get my Swiss Steak in the next ten minutes, the terrorists have already won. [/Onion]

Ummm, can’t you order it without the catsup?

And don’t tell me they are putting it on the bacon ultimate cheeseburger as well. That may require a class action lawsuit.

Wow, Naugles memories. I used to love them. The strange thing is that I used to like Del Taco as well. Then they merge and the result is that the place sucks. How does that happen? Taco Bell went downhill when they changed the tortillas and when they changed their green sauce. The green sauce used to be to die for, now it is sour and shitty.

Now, as far as Jack in the Box goes, I’m not a huge fan of the the ultimate cheeseburger but I love the sourdough jack. I was very unpleasantly surprised when upon ordering one yesterday found it coated in ketchup now. It’s not so much that they include it with the sandwich now, of course you can order it without. It is the surprise of the first one you order not knowing that it has changed. Just tell me you have changed it so I can order accordingly, you morons. Don’t assume that I am just going to love that you changed the whole damn taste. I ordered it because I liked the way they tasted. Pisses me off too.

And don’t even get me started on the McDLT:)

Oh, they are. The first time I thought it was just an innocent mistake.

I’m with you guys all the way on this one.

Jesus Christ! Thanks for the warning re the ketchup on the Ultimate. That would have really pissed me if I had ordered one not knowing…

Do they put that on in addition to the mayonnaise?

Thank God In and Out hasn’t changed the formula in 50 something years.
sniff…scuse me…there is something in my eye!

Is nothing sacred?

Yeah they do. It tastes horrible.

Ummmm…and which chain would we be talking about here?

*I like mine with lettuce and tomato
Heinz 57 and french fried potato
Big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer, well
GOOD god almight which way do I steer for my

Cheeseburger in Paradise…*

adam yax - what musicguy said. Sure, I could have ordered it without, but I didn’t know they would be ruining it ahead of time. And now I see they’ve ruined the Sourdough Jack as well. Bastards.

Smeghead - Jack in the Box is the proud owner of the now ruined Ultimate Cheeseburger, Sourdough Jack, and Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger.

I guess 990 calories weren’t enough and they wanted to go for an even 1,000.

Mojo, I think you’re harshing his buzz.

:rolleyes: Does anyone reading this thread not know how bad for you this food is?

Is this like the people that show up in sex threads to warn about safe sex?

::Off to go eat some chicken-fried bacon…::

SNOOK, Texas – Home of some of the best Kolaches I’ve ever had, even better than the ones in West, Texas.

Who do I look like- Willie Munchright? Did I get all preachy on you? “Make sure you purge after you eat it”?

I like the Ultimate Cheeseburger, I used to get em after the bars let out back in college. But if most fast food is “bad for you”, then this sammich is nutritional evil incarnate. At 990 calories that’s 400 more than BK’s bacon double cheeseburger. Heck, it’s about the same # of calories as any two “double” burgers from any other chain.

And you can taste the difference.

[sub]And I agree with the OP- ketchup has no place on the Ultimate Cheeseburger.[/sub]

I’m sorry I looked at that link. I had a physical intestinal reaction when I saw the calories on the Bacon Ultimate Cheesburger. Here I was happily oblivious as to the true horror of fast food, and then a blatant reminder.

I’m swearing off fast food for good.

Jesus people the Jack-in-the-box people spent 2 weeks telling everyone, “Do you know that our burgers now come with ketcup and mustard in addition to mayo?”

Two weeks later they dropped the mustard since apparently nobody likes mustard as standard on their burgers.

And they have huge signs mentioning their ‘even better’ burgers.

The only reason why I know this is because pay day is ultimate cheeseburger day (every other wed, since the bank I use shares a parking lot with Jack in the box)

So it went something like this: Payday 1

“You want that with the ketcup and mustard right?”

“No, just ketcup”


Payday 2:

“You do know that it will come with ketcup right?”

“Didn’t it come with mustard too?”

“Nobody wanted it with mustard so we stopped”



“Oh well”

“About the ketcup?”

“Yes please!”

Yesterday: talking to the manager (I’m in there every other wed at the same damn time month after month and white guys as pale as I am are pretty unusual in texas)

me–“Aren’t you going to remind me that it comes with Ketcup now?”

“No, corperate said only to do that for 2 weeks. Any repeat customers would know that by now, and any new customers usually ask to see if there is something they don’t want on their burger. And besides, we have that huge banner outside next to the door, if we had the words ‘Improved burgers’ any larger we’d need a new zoning permit.”

“Hehe yeah, back in HS I used to have problems like that at the Hollywood video I worked with. People would go in and get pissed off at why their Blockbuster rental was late when they very carefully returned it a day early. ‘Exactly where in the HUGE NEON SIGN do you see the words Blockbuster’s video written Mr. Rocket Scientist.’”

“And you didn’t get fired?”

“Naa, the only reason why the store I worked at existed was to try to force the blockbuster stores in the area out of buisness so Hollywood video could dominate the market in that county. We just needed to lose less money than the Blockbusters. Which was easy, fewer employees and a smaller selection of movies. Less overhead, less money lost.”


“Umm, so I’m guessing adding ketchup and mayo on the burgers was to cut down on money lost from all the ketchup packets people would take and throw away?”


“It working?”

“Not really.”

“It’s the fries right?”


“What about a ketchup dispenser?”

“Ever tried to get one of those unclogged?”

“Nope, and I don’t want to start now.”

“That’s what High School students are for.”

“Hehe, we do the same thing in the lab with undergrads who work with us for the summer. 3 glorious months without having to make a single reagent.”

“Nothing like employees who won’t complain”


“Here’s your order”


Exchange more or less took place, I can’t remember exactly what was said but I did remember the major points of the conversation.

ROFL! I can’t wait to use that in conversation:

“Do you know how many calories that has?!”
“Who do I look like - Willie Munchright?”

“You know, those peanuts are bad for you.”
“Thanks for the update Willie Munchright.”

CRorex - I guess I’m slightly appeased that they warned you for a couple weeks. (I have no memory of the commercials telling you they added ketchup and mustard). But hey - if they axed the mustard, maybe they’ll ax the ketchup if enough people complain!