Ultimate Fighter 2.2

Kind of a snooze fest. The challenge wasn’t that interesting to watch, no drama in the house and the fight wasn’t tremendously exciting either. Glad Melvin hit the road; he was the one guy I found most irritating amongst this group.

The challenges always suck, IMO. I kinda felt sorry for Melvin, but then I remembered that most of the season one guys have been in the UFC, so he will get another shot, albeit for a lot less money than had he won the competition. He’ll actually benefit from the loss because he needed to be knocked down a few notches. His ego was way too big because he won a tournament shortly before going on the show (“I’ll fight anyone, even Matt Hughes”–PLEASE!).

Anyway, I hope we get a good heavyweight fight next week.

I do have to say, though, that despite his being a mouthy jerk, Melvin did go up a couple notches in my estimation with the prank he pulled on Dana.