Ultra-far Right: wankers or serious?

That is to say, are they just posturing like a bunch of teen punks talking tough? Or would they really carry out a totalitarian revision of society if they only had the power to do so? I ask because of the current thread about Uganda, in which it is claimed that elements of the far Right have encouraged a genocidal policy there that they wouldn’t have a snowball in Hell’s chance of enacting here in the USA.

They’re serious wankers.

I think it depends on the ultra-right winger? In the case of say Coulter or Michelle Malkin no, because they would be back to the kitchen barefoot and pregnant, but they are using the right-wring to make money. But some of them especially the “Christian Reconstructionist” are in my opinion quite blunty, not just batshit crazy, but evil of the same strain Hitler and Stalin. They have already demonstrated their willingness to kill doctors that perform abortions, so I absolutely believe they would not hesitate to go after women who have had abortions if given the opportunity and resources, and after that anyone else who differs from their narrow, prejudiced version of how the world should be.

Judging from history I think they would. Given the power, all over the world people who froth at the mouth about how God wants them to kill and oppress people have demonstrated a willingness to do just that. And they have oppressed and killed people here, when and where they could. Give them the power to do so, and I’m sure they’d turn America into something similar to The Handmaid’s Tale, or worse.

Who has more influence: the highly connected professors of left-wing universities or a bunch of skinheads in Montana?

Yes exactly, why on earth would any sane person not take the threat they pose seriously? These are the folk who think of peace as that happy situation which arises when everyone who disagrees with them is dead.

And your cat thinks it owns your house.

Skinheads, most likely. Since “well connected left wing” is pretty much an oxymoron in a country as right wing as America; while the Republicans have been pandering to the racists for decades and are heavily infested with them.

Right wingers are reactionary, and when they pursue right wing authoritarian reforms it is usually in the face of various threats (either social threats, political threats, physical threats, etc).

Despite the talk, I don’t think the right wing in the US feels they are under ‘that’ much threat, at least not like the ones in nations like Chile, Germany or Italy felt. Right wing extremists would be willing to engage in genocide IMO, but they’d have to feel like they were under heavy threat to do that. And I don’t think they feel that way right now.

They’d outlaw abortion, give their particular branch of religion precedence over all others and probably eliminate meaningful democratic elections (so liberals could never get elected en masse).

However I don’t think there’d be a genocide or holocaust. However if given the choice yes I do believe america’s right wingers would be happy to dismantle our democracy (which allows non-right wingers to get elected) and bill of rights.

They’d probably replace our government with something like Iran’s government, where a democracy is subservient to religious extremists who can overturn and disqualify politicians and legislation.

Iran is probably a good example of what America’s religious right would turn out country into if given the choice. Iran doesn’t have mass genocide, but their democracy can be overturned by religious extremists, egalitarian rights (womens, gays, minority, labor) are curtailed, the media is suppressed and social justice is not taken seriously.

Ah, would that the only far-right crazies were skinheads in Montana.

It’s also completely fraudulent to compare college professors to skinheads.

Yeah, the professors are bald against their will!

They’re also not sub-moronic, racist, extremist scumbags. The comparison is bullshit.

BE, you always have the funniest posts!

Also, the skinhead militias only learn how to lock and load, the college professors learn everything EXCEPT how to lock and load!

Because they don’t pose a “serious” threat? Most ultra radical types are harmless cranks impotently postering on blogs and message boards.

Which would “stand out” most on the streets of Bozeman, MT?

A. A skinhead
B. Lefty college professor
C. The Village People

Have you forgotten the lesson of 9/11?
It only takes a few ultra radical wingers to ruin America’s day.
Are you OK with stuff like this:
Florida students suspended over ‘Kick a Jew Day’ ?
It’s only a small step from harmless crankdom after all.

The right wants everyone to think such radicalism is harmless now, just good fun, because they’ve ruined their political standing, and want to weasel back into the nation’s good graces.
If they suceed, they’ll just carry their radical agenda further next time.
I see no reason to give such assholes a millimeter, much less a mile.

Hey now, Bozeman’s a pretty cool town. Butte, on the other hand…

Having known people who’ve spent time in Bozeman, I’m going to guess A.

I think comparing a few redneck asshole kids to international terrorists is quite a stretch.