Ultraviolet not getting previews?

Thus far I haven’t seen any previews for Ultraviolet. That’s unusual this late in the year. Is the film company not going to allow any or what? That’s usually a bad sign.

And that kinda sucks, too, since the trailer looked interesting enough, a generic woman-kicks-butt movie with unusual cinematographic effects.

I have been seeing a lot of previews for this movie. The first one was several weeks ago. It didn’t so much catch my eye as it caught my ear. “24” by Jem was the background music and that alone made me want to see this movie.

Exactly. I’ve noticed “24” more than what the movie itself is about. And I’m glad to see any Jem songs get in the spotlight as much as possible (especially “24” which, when heard on an alternative radio station about six months ago, made me run out that afternoon to buy the album, and is absolutely the coolest song on the album). The ads introduced a friend of mine to Jem - or rather, he heard “24” and asked me if I recognized the artist. He bought the album a day or two later.

From what I can tell the studio swapped out the director when they weren’t happy with his cut, trimmed it to PG-13 from R and are hoping for a modest profit over what they percieve as a crappy action movie. It’s got a relatively miniscule budget so it’s not going to be hard to at least break even no matter how bad it is.

What IS the song from the trailer anyway? Like the evanescense song from the daredevil trailer I’m a whole lot more interested in the song and band than the actual movie :).

From what I’ve seen in the trailors, I have little hope for it. It reminds me too much of the “DOOM”, “Aeon Flux” and “Resident Evil: Apocolypse” trailors…

And all of those movies turned out to be pretty bad.

The lack of a review just confirms this belief.

Jem? What the hell is she doing in a movie soundtrack?

What nobody has mentioned is that the director of Ultraviolet, Kurt Wimmer, made an awesome movie called Equilibrium a few years ago. Plot-wise, it’s a melting pot (aka ripoff) of 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and Brave New World, with plenty of Matrix-inspired visuals and a really neat (if unrealistic) new fighting style. It stars Christian Bale (kicking ass before he was Batman) and Taye Diggs, and also has Sean Bean in a small role, so there should be plenty of eye candy for any ladies who aren’t up for a sweet dystopian future action movie. I highly recommend it, though.

Some of the stuff in the trailer did remind me of Equilibrium. You guys see the part where she breaks the gun in half and starts smashing people?

These movies are fine members of the Movies Based On Violent Video Games Genre.

Except that Equilibrium and Ultraviolet aren’t based on video games (though I hesitate to call them “original”), and Aeon Flux was based on a violent, nonsensical cartoon rather than a video game.

Am I being whooshed?

I don’t watch 24 commercials so I parsed your post wrong, sorry.

And I just realised I parsed it wrong again. Blame the TV show! :smack:

We’ll try again. Artist Jem (I believe she’s Welsh) has an album entitled Finally Woken, off of which there is a track “24”, which is used in the trailers for Ultraviolet. melondeca and I are both all about Jem, Finally Woken, and the track “24.”

Clear as mud? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m looking forward to Ultraviolet, but really hope that it has a lot less downtime than Equilibrium. The action of Equilibrium was spectacular, but I didn’t feel that the actual story carried enough weight to be given the amount of screentime it received.

In my small defense I’ve been avoiding spoilers for the tv show “24” like mad so as soon as I saw that I stopped reading :).

I’m really not clear on this at all. Something about Christopher Walken and 24hr Party People?

No, no. You’re thinking of that movie with Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy.

Audie Murphy? Didn’t he star in The Red Badge of Courage?

No! Red Dawn - great concept, but Patrick Swayze just couldn’t pull his weight.