Ulysses for dummies

Last night me, TwistofFate and hibernicus met up to see the film version of Ulysses, which was recently released in Ireland for the first time after having been banned for 33 years.

Not having read the book previously (though I’m not entirely sure that would have made a difference), I didn’t have a clue about half of what was going on in the film, even at the end of it. So I’ve been scooting about the web today and came across this site entitled Ulysses For Dummies and thought I’d pass it along to Twisty* and anyone who wants to know what happened in the film/book without actually having to sit through it.

Actually it really doesn’t give you much of the “story” (a word I use very loosely :D) but the pictures are kinda neat…

[sub]*hibernicus doesn’t need the URL as he’s read the book three times, the nerdy git :D[/sub]

I love it. I found that a couple of months ago when a girl in my book club demanded we read it, in a month. Most of us got 50 pages in by the end of the month. To appease her need for great literature, we extended it to 3 months, but the next meeting she didn’t show up, so I showed them this and we agreed we were done.

Ignorance is bliss. (sometimes)