Um, lets see here, Yep - that hurts.

I stomped on a big fat metal spike and it went about 1/2 an inch into my foot.


So then I went to get a tetnus shot today. Yep. That kinda smarts too. (The muscle cramp, not the actual shot).


Seeing as how these sorts of things usually come in threes, I’m expecting an I-Beam in the head any moment now…

Do I wanna know why you were walking barefoot around big fat metal spikes?

On what basis do you allege that the OP was, in fact, “barefoot”!!!???


When I was a kid I stepped on a nail protruding through a board. It went through my shoe, sock, foot, sock, and top of shoe. I didn’t cry till the doctor in the emergency room stuck a swab with anti-septic on it clean through the wound. Still hurts thinking about it.

I was barefoot. It’s kind of a long story involving a very stupid woman pulling an entire desplay down on herself, me running to her rescue mid-sandle-try-on and stomping on a metal display hanger, which proceded to go clean on through my foot.

[Foghorn Leghorn voice on] Uh sey, uhya sey, uhya say - OW…

y’all needs to learn yerself ‘bout the fifth - uh seys FIFTH add-ment-mant - ya shultna gon’ an’ ad-MITted thet 'bouts yerself.

Ya gotts ta think ‘bout dese thinz, chil’!

Right there with you. Back in my fort building days, we were building a fort by the golf course. There was a tiny bridge going over a small creek, which passed over a small island. On this island was a few very desirable pieces of wood, which would help with our fort. I then, jumped off of this bridge, and my right foot landed on a rusty nail going through a board. I looked down, trying to comprehend why my foot hurt, and the wooden board moved everytime my foot did. I think the worst part of that whole experience was having my friend pull the nail out, and laughing at me.

[highjack] That day I had to get a tetnis shot, which wasn’t bad. For some reason, I don’t mind getting shots, anywhere on my body. But ** I cannot stand** getting blood drawn from the vein on the other side of my elbow. I picture that needle rubbing up against my muscles and tendons, and it drives me nuts. IV’s in my wrist, shots in the ass, shoulder, any cuts that need to be stitched, all don’t bother me. Any other place on my body, but the inside of my elbow. Just thought I’d share .[/highjack]