Um, McDonald's?

4-piece McNuggets – $1 on the value menu

6 piece Mcnuggets – can’t remember the exact price now, but something like 1.79 or 1.99.

10 piecce Mcnuggets – $3

20 Piece McNuggets – $5.20
Aren’t things suposed to get cheaper as you buy more? I can buy 3 4-piece McNuggets for what it costs to get a 10 piece, and it’s gotta be more work to assemble 3 individual small packets than one large one.

Order 3 4-packs and see – but pay very close attention whether the ones they put in your 4-pack come from a different bin than the ones they put in the other packs. :slight_smile:

Maybe they think the word “Value!” will blind you to the false economics of it all.

You’re lucky you can get 20-piece packs, BTW. The packs only go up to 9 pieces here. I must go in there with my calculator sometime, though …

When I worked there at age sixteen, they had a meal on the “Value Menu” which was actually more expensive than if you bought each item seperately.

Yeah, but with the 3 4-packs, you’re getting a lot more paper, which is wasteful.


Hey, Big Top Liquors:

Leinenkugels, $4.99 a six-pack.
Leinenkugels, $11.99 a 12-pack.

It’s like a tax on people who are bad at math.

Speaking of McNuggets. Did anyone else notice that when McDonald’s started advertising *All White Meat they also stopped calling them Chicken McNuggets, referring to them, instead, simply as McNuggets?

Still do, at least around here. Order a double cheeseburger, medium fries and a medium drink and it’s $3.29 plus tax. Order a medium-sized double cheeseburger meal and it’s $3.39.

Because it’s McDonald’s food.

There’s a joke about a bad cook who bakes cookies as prizes for the county fair.

First prize is one dozen. Second prize is two dozen.

This one could just be because the distributor has an excess of sixers sitting in his inventory and needs to clear those particular bottles out of stock, so you buy two and it’s cheaper than a twelver. They think that’s great, they want you to buy as many of the six packs as you can.

On the subject, sort of, is this year-old (almost) thread Stupid Pricing which got into the second page of observations along these lines.

What about McDonald’s .99 cheeseburger and $1 double cheeseburger?

Not necessarily. Big Top may have been able to purchase Leinenkugels in 6-packs at a specially discounted rate. They’re just adding whatever margin they wanna get to that price.

Or I could have read the whole fucking thread before making the same response as Cluricaun did two hours ago.

Call it a BOGO, I guess.

Years ago, Dunkin’ Donuts had ham and cheese croissants for $2.99. Ham, egg and cheese croissants were $2.59. I stayed far away from their eggs.

A place near me had a lobster dinner for $7.95. The double lobster dinner was $15.95.

My local supermarket did this last year.

They had Pepsi, regular priced at $1.39 for a 2L bottle. Concurrently, they had a “sale” where you could buy 3 for the amazing low price of $4.99. I actually had to pick up 3 at the time, and I had to convince the cashier to charge me regular individal price, because I didn’t want the “sale” price. I even explained to her why, but basic math is apparently not a prerequisite for working as a cashier at this place.

They fixed it a few weeks later. Not by reducing the sale price. By raising the individual price to $1.69. The kicker? The supermarket is named “Price Chopper.”

I also notice they have store-branded merchandise (well, “Compliments” is a generic store brand Price Chopper happens to carry). I usually buy their paper towels because – well, I really don’t need paper towels that can carry service for 8 when wet. They have two sizes: Normal, and “jumbo.” The ordinary package is $0.79 for a two roll, 80-sheet-per-roll pack. Jumbo is 160 sheets at $1.59. You probably wouldn’t care about the fact that two normal two-packs is a penny cheaper than one jumbo two-pack unless you look closely at the packaging: The jumbo rolls’ sheets are shorter than the normal roll. Not by a hug e factor, but enough that you really are paying more for less.


Poodle. It’s the other white meat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Was at a McDonalds in Lake Geneva, Switzerland last summer: (1) combo meal was $16.00!!! :eek: (and thats the small one; I didn’t have enough cash on me to super-size it.)

Well, here’s one most of you can easily investigate. Look at the small cans of canned tuna. Check the price. Then look at the large cans of canned tuna. Do that math.

In every single store I can remember, the large cans have a higher cost per ounce, brand does not matter. Packed in oil vs. packed in spring water does not matter.

I always wind up buying multiple cans of the smaller one.

Go figure.

The chicken nugget value meal was like this (before they re-numbered them).

I remember doing the math one day and deciding I didn’t need a mondosized mega Coke and felt naughty because I was sticking it to The Man.
…yeah, that didn’t come out right…



Shhhh! You’re not supposed to do the math!

This is akin to movie drinks costing $3.50 for a small and “supersizing” it for just 25 cents more, which gets you the ginormous bucket size full of 1/4 actual drink and 3/4 ice. I’ve always thought you get more actual drink in the smaller size.