Why are McNuggets (tm) so expensive in Canada?

The other day, my wife wanted to buy some Chicken McNuggets. I almost had an aneurysm when I saw how expensive they were – $4.69 for 6 nuggets! After tax, that was almost a dollar per McNugget.

And now, I just noticed in another thread that a pack of 4 McNuggets is on the “dollar menu” in the U.S. (at least in some locations). That’s one third of the per-nugget price that I’m paying in Canada (Toronto, specifically).

Thinking back, when I was a kid I seem to recall that 9 McNuggets cost about the same as a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder. And now 6 McNuggets cost about the same as a large sandwich.

Why can’t we have cheap McNuggets in Canada? Do we have to import chickens from Mongolia or something?

Can’t help you, but I’d like to know if McDonald’s up there has McPoutine? I think that would be great.

We have to make our McNuggets with chicken here - it’s somewhat restrictive. :slight_smile:

If I could get the SO to go visit her relatives, I want to make a Spicy McHaggis Sandwich.

I’ve seen “poutine” (don’t know if it’s made with real cheese curds) at Burger King, Harvey’s, Dairy Queen and KFC (I think). Not McDonalds, though.

EDIT: A quick Google reveals that some McDonalds restaurants in Canada have served poutine. It’s not ringing any bells with me, though.

It’s to offset the eventual cost to our public health-care system.

Hey, aren’t you the poster who always cooks amazing food for his roommate? Did you find the way to her heart was through her stomach?

I don’t think she’d like a Spicy McHaggis Sandwich. She won’t eat filtration units since she became a nurse. (And I tend to like things spicier than many people do.)

It’s been retired since 2003.

I don’t know if this was the thread you saw, but you’d have to compare across all McNugget prices in the two stores, as apparently McDonald’s doesn’t do bulk.

Wait, wait, are you making a joke, or do we really have more stringent standards for McNuggets? That would be awesome.

No, it was this post from the very recent “Can I take your order?” thread.

But that’s interesting; if the 10 piece McNuggets costs $4, then at least it’s not one-third as cheap as the Canadian 10 piece. I think the Canadian 10 piece costs somewhere in the $5.50 to $6 range – that’s still expensive compared to the U.S., but not ridiculously so (no more so than U.S. vs. Canadian book and magazine prices, for instance).

They’ve been on sale around here (Chicago) for 20 for $5 for awhile. Mmmmmm…mechanically separated chicken…

News flash: Everything’s more expensive in Canada compared to the US.

It probably has to do with a combination of taxes, lower volume demand, higher transportation costs, and in some cases, for food, a quota system that limits production and inflates prices.

Indeed…but my point is that McNuggets are relatively more expensive in Canada than other items on the menu.

Chicken taxes? Chicken quotas? Higher chicken transportation? Why am I just hearing about these now?

The volume demand thing sounds like a chicken-and-egg problem: they’re expensive because they’re unpopular, and they’re unpopular because they’re expensive.

Well, there is a poultry quota system in Canada.

Of course taxes come into play; provincial and federal.

Transportation is by truck, which typically requires fuel, which is taxed way higher than the US, so of course transportation is more expensive.

As for demand, I meant the US has 10 times the population, therefore probably 10 times the demand.

Some of column A, some of column B - I have heard that we have different standards for fast-food ingredients than in the US, but that’s pretty much anecdotal. I’d have to do more research on that.

ETA: Here’s an article that sort of addresses this (but not specifically fast food).

Are you comparing McNuggets with McMuffins? :confused:

Or to reduce the strain on it, by discouraging the consumption of McNuggets?

That’s the price (well 4.99) on the sign of the one nearest to my home as well.

I used to love them so much, but they’ve really gotten worse and worse in recent years to the point where I don’t even crave them anymore.

I remember it. It sucked. The extreme saltiness of the fries, topped with an extremely salty gravy, made it almost inedible. Besides, those crisp skinny fries are ALL WRONG for poutine. I need to see if I can talk the manager of the nearest Five Guys to experiment with poutine on the menu. He would make millions.