Um, Zyada, um, excuse me....

Hi, Zyada, hello.
It’s me, Brood. I was just wondering if you might know where the pictures are to the DFW Dopefests. I’ve looked, but I can’t find them. I’m interested in seeing everyone’s pictures. If you would please let me know where they might be hiding, let me know.
yer pal,

Well shoot!!! I guess I’d better get mine scanned. I got a really good one of you and the belly dancer.


Grace, you can come over here a scan them. :wink:


Great - the first time someone mentions me in a subject line…

Is it flirting? No
Is it because of my wit or intelligence or beauty or talent? No.

It’s cause I haven’t got my act together. sigh

I got my pictures developed Sunday. I just sent them in to photopoint. I hope to have a link and some organization by tomorrow.

If anyone wants to add photos - email them to and put “Account:

All of us that know you admire your wit or intelligence or beauty or talent. And I flirt and even grope each time I’m around you.

Now,where are the pictures?


I have a scanner. I’m just too dang lazy to use it. I guess I should go downstairs to the garage and get the pictures out of the car.

Grace, that wasn’t the right answer.


Neither was the size of your…uh, mimosa tree. :wink:

Damn, story of my life, too little, too late.



Don’t laugh too much beatle. I seem to recall a picture of you trying to do the belly dance hand movements. :smiley:

Did we hijack this thread or what? Does anybody know what Brood wanted in the first place?


Pictures dear. He wanted pictures. I have spent the last few minutes scanning pictures (16) from Goldfinger’s and Hawkwood. Zyada, I’m sending them to the address you posted. I have more pictures but I’ll save them for the next gathering. We’ll just pass them them around and giggle.

Grace called me ‘dear’. That’s almost like ‘sweetheart’ or something like that.

Ok, it doesn’t take much to get me excited.


Hey that’s pretty nifty. I zipped the pictures and sent them as one big attachment and I just got an email from photoshop that the file was unzipped and the pictures available (not to us but to Zyada who I assume has to work some kinda of gypsy magic to get them to appear in her album).

Whoa! That was one long sentence.

And Jim, honey-bunch, sugar pie, sweet yum yum…uh, where was I going with this? I forget.

That’s ok, Grace, it did me a world of good, hope it was good for you, too.


Photoshop. Photo Point. I almost got it right. ::sigh:: Let’s just blame it on me being sleepy.