Umm...where the hell are all the Kinect titles?

So they release this thing 6 months ago, get good penetration and don’t bother releasing anymore games for it?

Why did I get this again?

Wait, you mean there was a motion gaming device that came out without any games? No way!

The people who are creative enough to use the thing properly aren’t in a position to make games or get funding for their projects. The people who can makes games and get funding aren’t creative enough to make the device sing. This is nothing new.

I’m glad I didn’t pay for mine. We won it from one of those Stacker vending machine/prize games. I have had no interest in this thing, at all.

So you can hook it up to your computer and hack together something to do with it?

Surprisingly, Microsoft has actually made a fairly powerful and interesting piece of hardware. Unsurprisingly, it was largely by accident, and they apparently have no idea what to do with it now.

Most of them were released alongside the add-on’s launch, but there has been a steady stream of Kinect titles released every month. Michael Jackson: The Experience, one of the most hyped Kinect games, comes out on Tuesday with a bunch more spread throughout the Summer.

Although I also think this is a case where Microsoft didn’t have any idea how popular it would be.

IIRC, there’s a Kinect for Windows SDK being released sometime this spring. It’ll be more interesting to see what the PC crowd can do with it than the handful of studios Microsoft has arm-twisted into doing 360 titles.

I dunno though; Everything I read about the Kinect makes it sound like it’s completely unsuited for use while sitting at PC. I mean, I guess you could use the voice recognition, but the motion control requires you to be like 8 feet away from the Kinect sensor, and that doesn’t sound like most people’s PC configurations to me. :wink:

The reason you’re seeing all these cool “hacks” coming out for the PC is because the people doing them don’t have Xbox dev kits, not because anyone in their right mind would actually release any of this stuff for the PC.

Could you get anything useful out of setting the sensor 8 feet behind your desk with a clear shot of you flailing your arms like a mad conductor?

Sure, if you also have a web cam running…

Who has 8 feet behind their desk? Most people (myself included) set their computer desks against a wall, otherwise it’s just sitting out in the open with a mess of cords everywhere.

Err, I meant behind as in behind you as you sit at your desk.