Umm..yes I want to trade in oil and become rich..

I got these in my email.

I have removed the email addresses for obvious reasons. I can’t have all of you as competing oil barons. :smiley:

But I am willing to make exceptions to that rule if you send me a $1000 which I will give to MR SULEMAN BELLO of AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK (ADB)
OUAGADOUGOU BURKINA FASO WEST AFRICA so that he can give me 30% of 25.2 million dollars from a dead account in Africa. I prefer working in Nigeria over Iraq.

Okay, I’m in. Except I don’t have $1,000. I only have this cashier’s check for $10,000. Oh wait, I have a great idea- I will mail you the cashier’s check for $10,000, and you take your thousand out of it and mail me back the change. Okay? I’m looking forward to working with you.