unacceptable: Ukraine nationalists in power call Chechen terrorists for help

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Dmitry Yarosh… Please, if I’m wrong on the following, I welcome any reasonable correction, but doesn’t this man currently taking an OFFICIAL post in newly self formed Kiev’s government of Ukraine??? I’m afraid there simply can’t be any accuse to his appeal to islam terrorists. He, who addresses to terrorists for help and appeal them to come to his country with bloody attacks - himself is a terrorist to his country and his people! That Yarosh, he’s on the wrong way! America holds no ties with people linked with international terrorism. Talking about Chechens… This country does still feel pain for Boston Marathon!

Isn’t this all coming from Russian sources? It may very true, but it’s something the Russian government has a lot of incentive to make up.

Yeah, a bit of googling shows this is all comming from Russian allegations of something posted an a “social network site”.


I think I’ll wait to see if there is any non-Moscow source for any of this. Making up charges of “terrorism” based on an internet posting and then arresting the “criminal” seems highly reminiscent of Soviet era antics (never mind that the “criminal” happens to be the citizen of another country).

Yarosh is leader of Right Sector, Right Sector were behind most of the violence that put bullets in dozens of police, seized the Ukrainian parliament and overthrew democracy in the Ukraine. His terrorism isn’t reliant on his having ties to Islamists.

Wow - just WOW.

In the 60’s I and millions of others in the US were accused of parroting the “Kremlin Line”.
Here we seem to have an actual example. I would love to know the nationality of the IP this came from.

Who shot who?

And, if a Chechen has figured out a way of defeating Russian military techniques, I’d be calling him too when the Russians invade my country and start threatening widespread murder.

Join date March 2014. Yep, that’s what I figured it would be.

. . . Oh, never mind . . .

Do you disbelieve that Right Sector is a violent gang of thugs, or that Yarosh is their leader? You’re willfully wrong in either case.

Well, more than a hundred police ended up with bullet wounds in them. Take your answer from that.

Given the state of Grozny I don’t think anyone should take notice of Chechen military tactics for use against Russia.

I googled up Yarosh. What’s funny is Russia is calling him an anti-semitic neo-nazi, and the American neo-nazi’s are talking about how he met with Israeli representatives and swore his allegiance to his Israeli masters.

Well which is it?

hahahahahahaha… :smiley:


explain this then

Jerry Boykin is a nut, and World Net Daily (also known as the most prominent source of Birther information) is a bunk source on pretty much everything. You’re welcome :slight_smile:

And that’s why the Chechen crossed the road! :slight_smile:

Funny how one can always count on that.

I, for one, think it’s pretty exciting that Moscow’s paid social app mercenaries have taken notice of our little message board…

It’s useless trying to set Marmite Lover straight. It’s actually kind of amusing watching the cognitive dissonance in action as he quotes sources like WND for conspiratorial evidence of Obama’s ties and secret membership in the Muslim Brotherhood, then turns around and talks about the US being a puppet of the Zionist Entity out the other side of his mouth.

Is this intended to be ironic? The current state of Grozny is due to Russian military tactics, not Chechen ones. After failing miserably trying to take the city by storm in the first battle of Grozny in 1994-95, they carpet bombed and shelled the city. In 1999-2000 in the second battle of Grozny they skipped trying to take the city by storm and went straight to carpet bombing it, this time adding in ballistic missiles and fuel-air explosives.

Grozny was once again the epicenter of fighting after the outbreak of the Second Chechen War, which further caused thousands of fatalities. During the early phase of the Russian siege on Grozny on October 25, 1999, Russian forces launched five SS-21 ballistic missiles at the crowded central bazaar and a maternity ward, killing more than 140 people and injuring hundreds. During the massive shelling of the city that followed, most of the Russian artillery were directed toward the upper floors of the buildings; although this caused massive destruction of infrastructure, civilian casualties were much less than in the first battles. The enormous scale of the devastation prompted numerous comparisons with Hiroshima [37] and other cities leveled during World War II.


Helpful hint: in countries with free press were the access to information isn’t so difficult, you need to try a lot harder with your propaganda.

If we’re talking about American connections to terrorism someone like Luis Posada Carriles would be a much better example than any supposed infiltration by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Or Congressman Peter King’s longstanding ties with and championing of the IRA.