Unanimous elections

Has this ever happened before in a race where there was more than one candidate? Scroll down to House District 40 and you will see something strange. Rachel Talbot-Ross(D)won 100% of the vote, and apparently nobody at all voted for her opponent, not even himself. Portland is a very liberal city, and Dems from the city running for state legislature often win by very large margins, but I have still never seen a unanimous election before.

I remember several districts in, I think, Pennsylvania where not a single voter voted for Romney, not exactly the same thing but it sure seemed odd to me at the time.

Per the Maine Legislative website:

District 40 - Carol C. Taylor (R-Portland)…(Withdrew after 8/30/16; cannot be replaced; name will remain on the ballot but votes for the candidate will not be counted)

Lincoln was recorded as getting zero popular votes in 9 soon to secede states in 1860. There was no 100% winner in those states since Douglas, Bell and Breckinridge all got some votes. And Lincoln wasn’t there to fail to vote for himself. :slight_smile: It was still remarkable though compared to what’s considered polarized now, that nobody in multiple states voted for the electoral college winner. People speak off hand now almost as if that were true (‘nobody’ in X very liberal or conservative state supports GOP/Democrat) but back then it literally was.