Uncharted 3: Play or Trade?

I hit big on the Super Bowl, so I got myself a little gift – I replaced my old, yellow-light-of-death’d PS3 with a shiny new one. At the store, my choice was a PS3 with no game included or an Uncharted 3 bundle PS3, both for the exact same price. I thought about it for awhile, decided I wasn’t an idiot, and took the “something for nothing” option.

Now, I enjoy a good cinematic story game as much as anyone, but I hate doing the whole “jump into the story in the middle” thing. So the question here is, does the story in part 3 stand on its own? Or will I spend half the game going “…but am I supposed to know that guy from somewhere”?

I’m fine with trading it in (looking forward to playing me some Skyrim), but I don’t want to miss a good game experience either. What say you?

Is “play it, THEN trade it” an option? Because you’re not going to get more money for it, even if it’s unopened. As for the game itself, word is that it’s excellent, though not as strong as the second one. I jumped into the second game without playing the first, and I had no problem. There were a few recurring characters, but there was plenty of exposition upon meeting them.

Hm…hadn’t considered that…I figured “unopened $> opened”, but really the actual difference will probably be negligible. Ok, cool – thanks.

Have you considered picking up the first 2 games? They’re both really good, short enough it won’t take forever to play them and you could pick them up second hand very cheap.

GameStop won’t accept unopened games for trade anyway so it’s a moot point.

I played and beat UC3 and can assure you that you needn’t have played the other 2 to follow the story.

Loved UC2. Hated UC1. Enjoyed but didn’t love UC3. I heard they patched the aiming since I played it which was my main complaint about it.

They’re all solid games. However, the “cinematic quality” is that of say, a hollywood action film. I don’t think anyone was furrowing their brows trying to figure out the plot to “Under Siege 2” because they didn’t catch the first installment in Segal’s Homerian epic. :smiley:

You’ll be fine. Play the game.