Anyone looking forward to Uncharted 3?

I know this board sucks for console games and sucks even more for PS3 but is anyone else doing to play this game? I never got into the first one, absolutely LOVED the second one (not sure why because the 1st and 2nd are very similar) and the early reviews of this one have it in serious competition with Batman Arkham City for GotY honors.

The Uncharted games have the best cinematic production values integrated perfectly with gameplay and the characters seem real so you care about what happens to them.

Anyone else going to jump on this one?

No love for this game? Seriously? This board does suck for consoles.

I will when the price drops. Big time love for the last one. If this is as good as that I will be thrilled.

If the improvement from 2 to 3 is as good as from 1 to 2, the game will be great. I am looking forward to it…

Just beat Batman AC so I’ll be starting this shortly.

Probably wait until December to pick it up. I liked the first two, but wasn’t in love with them.

Hell yeah, it’s on my Christmas list.

I’ve got it, am playing it now (well, not right now). I’m not sure I like it as much as 2, but it is a very good game. It doesn’t have the same “whose side is everyone on” vibe that I really liked with #2, but man the enviroments are pretty damned cool.

Uncharted came with my console when I graduated from my undergrad. LOVED it. Uncharted 2 I got the week it came out. LOVED IT as well. I pre-ordered 3, I’ve only managed to play it for a half an hour on Thursday so far, owing to my school schedule, but I have every reason to believe it will be solid as well.

I’m liking the prequel storyline so far, showing how Drake came to meet Sully. I think I can say that much without spoiler tags!

I’ll definitely will get it since I loved the first two, but I need to let the price drop before I can afford it. 70 euros? Really? With Batman, Deus Ex, Assassin’s Creed and Skyrim I’ve blown a huge chunk in my reserves as it is.

We’ll be picking it up right away. Our PS3 is getting a lot of love since the 360 red-ringed. When I replace it, it will be my third goddamn 360. Grumble.

I loved the first two Uncharteds, and I just started re-playing Uncharted2 for the 3rd time for all of the hidden treasures. (66/100 and counting…) I was playing it with the gravity off so that the dead bodies float, but then I realized that all of the spare ammo floats off with them.

I’m playing it now. I LOVE this franchise. I’m a 40-something year old BTW. Even if they’re all very similar they’re great fun; and they can be played by someone whose best console gaming skills are behind him (see previous sentence). It’s also one where my wife enjoys the cinema/cut scenes enough to ask me not to play it until she can be there too. She’ll sit on the sofa with her project of the moment; and follow along with the story. These days; that goes a long way. :slight_smile:

I’m very excited about it, but I have a backlog at the moment (Infamous, Portal 2, Ico, Shadow of the Collossus, Batman AC). Might as well wait for the price to drop on a used copy before I buy it.

I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I must admit I was pleasantly surprised–even if I was somewhat disappointed at first by the lack of any real climax to the story. By taking an unintentional tact to game play (which I’ll mention in a spoiler), which lost the automatic climax most games have.

Gameplay spoiler: (Story spoilers require highlighting to see.)

[spoiler]The game does not have anything I would consider a boss fight. The end is preceded by something somewhat challenging, but the story isn’t finished at that point.

Furthermore, I was not tricked for a second by the idea that Sully was dead any more than I was that Sully had been kidnapped and tortured.[/spoiler] And yet I still enjoyed myself.

Finally put this one in to start it yesterday. The graphics and presentation are top notch, as the previous Uncharted have been, but something seems…off…with the aiming in this one. The reticule moves slower and I’m finding it hard to finesse the sight, i.e. slight movement on the stick translates into no movement on the screen when targeting. I looked around online just to see if I was imagining this and there are a fair number of other people who are experiencing the same issue.

I’m also finding it quite a bit harder to see what things I can interact with in the environment due to the lighting and high resolution etc…

Oh, the first real puzzle (with the sliding tiles, not the one where you step on the tiles) was HARD. Took me a while to figure it out.

Here’s Naughty Dog’s response to this.

Hmm…they say theyve checked the settings and they are the same as U2? Maybe U3 isn’t implementing those settings in the same way then. I think it’s interesting that many people are noticing this independently but they say it’s our imagination. I hadn’t read anything at all regarding the squishy aiming before I played and it still stood out to me right away.

Seems like a good game though. Must be pretty short because I haven’t put much time in yet but it says I’m 40% thru already.

Ok. I’ve put in some serious time on this game now. I’m on Chapter 17 of 22 and here are my random thoughts:

  1. Highly disappointed in the controls. They are terrible. Borderline unmanageable. Making the cover and somersault moves use the same button is mindnumbingly stupid. I can’t count the number of times I’ve tried to take cover and end up rolling into an enemy. Aiming is horrendous. The hand to hand is pretty good though.

  2. Disappointed in the story. It’s just not very good so far. It’s really hard to remember why I’m in one locale or another.

  3. The massive number of enemies showing up at unbelievable, almost impossible, times is really testing my suspension of disbelief. It seems like every time I go through an impossible acrobatic route to get to some goal either a) enemies are already there (must all work for Cirque or something on the side) or b) “watch out, they followed us!”. How are these goons able to traverse these paths that Nate struggles with. There are just too many enemies in general. It’s more than these controls can handle.

  4. The environment is gorgeous. Probably the best environmental effects I’ve ever seen. Level design is linear but good. The visuals are just amazing.

  5. The game does a HORRIBLE job showing you what you can and can’t interact with in the environment. There have been multiple times I’ve wandered around in circles in a room to try to find the one thing I’m supposed to grab to climb, well, up for some reason.

  6. The voice acting is perfect. Up there with Red Dead and Uncharted 2.

All in all I’m disappointed with this game. I was really excited to play it as I loved UC2 but after only playing for a day I’m already reaching the “I just want to finish this so I can move on to something else” mood. That really makes me sad because it is a cool franchise. They absolutely MUST modernize the controls in UC 4. These feel like Resident Evil style controls compared to what is the norm today.

I’ll post again when I beat it (hopefully tomorrow).