UncleBeer and Coldfire are jackbooted Nazis!

Ok, not REALLY, but GODDAMN!!!
It was a tongue in cheek game!
What about “The Hijack thread: win nothing but your insanity!”

Think that did much for the board’s speed?

[Bad Jim Carrey Movie]EXCUUUUUSE_ME![/Bad Jim Carrey Movie]

Tongue in cheek in what way?

Padding your post count is viewed by many here as an infantile and counterproductive activity. Inviting many people to do so simultaneously is pretty much a direct slap at the mods. I’d recommend against starting any such threads again. The same goes for post count parties.

No, it was a stupid game - more stupid than most.

Also, see TubaDiva’s post in the following thread re: Post Padding.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Coldie and Uncle Beer for effective moderating. Ilsa consider that not every synapse that fires in your brain is worth sharing. I just want to make sure you know that it wasn’t just the mods who found the OP to be less than laudatory. Might be in your best interest to let the accompanying Pit thread die.

The idea was that the game was just the same as the hijack game. What would the difference be?

If it was “just the same,” then why do we need another one?

Geez, as if the boards weren’t already too slow…

Steve Martin did it first.

As Porcupine said, isn’t one such thread enough?

Ilsa, do everyone (including yourself) a favor and request that this thread be locked.

Okay, but Lynn has to lock it! Not Coldfire! :smiley:

Ten bucks on Coldie locking this.


I’ve met Coldfire, and he definitely wasn’t wearing jackboots at the time. Neither did he have one of those little Hitler mustaches. I’m afraid the whole “jackbooted Nazi” thing just doesn’t hold up. (Although, thinking of the mustache thing, I’m starting to wonder about Michael Fish.)

Speaking of lengthy and pointless threads, why the hell are the “Good News/Bad News” and “Scalar Weapons” threads still going?

You are probably mistaking them for UncleFire and Coldbeer.

That makes sense, because everybody knows fire isn’t c-c-c-cold.


Are you done now?


Alrighty then. $10 for imthjckaz.