unclviny's birthday gun

Well, nobody gets me good presents so I bought myself a birthday present:
Leupold scope (4 x 28 rimfire special)
Boyt soft case
Extra magazines (2 factory 10 rounders) and the little loader doohickie
And other associated stuff.
I went to the range today and it is MUCH better than I am (open sights today, the scope rings are still on order), I was only good enough for fist sized groups at 25 yards.
I never imagined that I would spend this kind of money on a .22 (~$700.00), but at least I have one that should last a while.

happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday unclviny, happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeee.


Boom, boom, unclviny! Happy birthday, pal!

Happy Birthday ** unclviny ** , My what a big ** gun ** you have. :: bats eyelashes ::


Happy Birthday to you!


Cool gun. Have fun w/ it.

That is kick ass.

Ah, nothing like getting new tools* for your birthday. You’ll have fun with that, even more when you get that Leupold glass mounted.
*Including but not limited to traditional tools, firearms and cameras.

Happy birthday, Unclviny!!! Have fun shootin’ that thang!

Happy birthday, Unclviny!!! Have fun shootin’ that thang!

That’s a pretty nice toy, unclviny. You can do better groups than that with it I’m sure. I bought myself a Winchester 9422 Legacy back around my birthday in February. I’m shooting fist-sized groups at over sixty yards with the factory iron sights.

Do yourself a big favor and get a set of those spinner targets, like these. Indispensible for .22LR shooting. And relatively cheap, too.

unclviny - Happy Birthday! I am not familiar with the T/C .22 auto rifle. Can you tell us a little about it? The receiver resembles a Ruger 10/22 in the photo I looked at - is it similar to the Ruger? Does it use a magazine like the Ruger (not clip as mentioned on the website), which is a rotary style, or is the magazine of a different design? How do you like the “light pipe” front sight? I guess fiber optics sights are here to stay. It sure is a good looking rifle.


I’ve always wanted a TC Contender in .45/70. Several years ago they had a ‘hunter’ package with sling, scope, case, etc… Very nice guns. Happy Birthday!

A friend has one with a rather short bbl. It can be . . . unpleasant . . . to shoot.

The gun is basically the same configuration as a 10/22 but
The reciever is steel (not aluminum).
The barrel is threaded (not pinned).
It has fiber optic sights (they are different, but I think I like them).
It has a “match grade” barrel (.005 clearance).
It comes with a lifetime warranty and the customer service is AMAZING! (if you want to talk to him, the boss loves to talk to customers).
It uses a “staggered” magazine instead of a rotary, it came with a 5 round magazine (I don’t use the “c” word) and I bought a couple of 10 round factory magazines.

not a bad deal for $286.00, I am happy


You, sir, are insane.

I have a Marlin 1895 Guide Gun in .45/70 (six pound lever-action rifle, 18.5" ported barrel), and it gets painful with anything heavier than factory loads. Not just the recoil (about like a heavy 12-guage load in a light gun), but the pressure wave from the muzzle blast is like getting smacked in the head with a (hot) frying pan, and it’s loud even with proper hearing protection. I love my gun. :smiley:

.22’s are underrated at best. Great little round, very accurate out to about 100m, cheap and if your using them to pop ferals like bunnies and cats they’re great as there is not much report. You
become a very accurate shooter using a .22 for long periods, I have come to prefer my little lakefield and stirling .22 over my old .22 magnums/hornets, .222, .223. Nothing on a large round like a 7.62 or a .303 for stopping power but well placed shots will stop anything up to medium size.

radar ralf also mentioned a nice little .22, the ruger 10/22, un/fortunately semi automatic weapons have been banned here so i had to hand mine in. Ripper little rifle though. unclviny’s new rifle sounds like a quality buy at a bargain price as well.

What is a wok?
A wok is what you frow at a wabbit when you don’t have a wifle.

I saw a custom barrel for a Contender that was a 7MM Mag. All I could think was NO, oh, No, No, No, I don’t think so…

Happy (Belated!) Birthday!!

Now go shoot somethin!

unclviny - so the T/C receiver is the same as the Ruger 10/22? Hmmm… lot’s of potential for accuracy upgrades, then. I have the “light pipes” installed on a couple of pistols and shotguns - they are a real benefit to my tired old eyes. Unless the lighting is real good, it’s difficult for me to put the “pumpkin on the post” when the target background is all black. The fiber optics really gather the light and make it easy to acquire a good sight picture. The only factory-installed fiber optic sights I have seen on a handgun is on the new S&W Model 329 (awesome revolver, BTW - can’t wait to shoot it! It is really, really light because of the Titanium cylinder and Scandium frame. My buddy is a little reluctant to squeeze off a round!)

I agree with you - I only use the “c” word with talking about the Garand or any of the various stripper clips. The best description I have heard about the difference of these two items is that you put rounds into a magazine, and you put rounds onto a clip. That sounds about right, don’t it? Dang “gunny sarnts” try to keep everything simple for the feeble-minded like me.

You must’ve missed my thread last week here.

Guns…they’re not just for birthdays anymore! :smiley: