Understood Arrested Development is history, how can I make FOX pay?

In other words, how can I annoy the hell out of FOX for same?

I bet most AD viewers already don’t watch the awful reality shit they put on the air. That’s probably a start.

Why would you want to? It’s had bad ratings from the beginning but they kept it on for 2 and a half seasons regardless.

They’ve screwed other shows – Futurama and Firefly – but they gave AD an honest chance to get viewers and it didn’t. It sucks, but there it is.

Two words ye douche: Veronica’s Closet Suddenly Susan

fill in the blanks

I’m a douche why? Because I stated a fact?

What blanks are there to fill in?

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I have to agree with goldfish, Fox really did give it a pretty good chance. Arrested Development was given 10 times the chance Firefly, which they royally did screw.

The ratings never developed for Arrested Development. I just don’t know why.

The narration was irritatating. The characters sucked. The jokes were cringe-worthy. Also, it starred Jason Bateman. Those are more than enough reasons for me to hate the show.

Granted, none of that explains the success of reality TV, which is far worse, but there you go.

Wow. I wouldn’t have thought it was possible for me to disagree with so many points in such a small paragraph. Now I know.

The reason I’m irritated over the killing of AD isn’t because Fox didn’t give it enough time to get an audience- no, 2.5 years should be more than sufficient. No, the reason I’m pissed at Fox is that in 2.5 years, they couldn’t figure out how to find an audience for one of the best shows on TV. AD won multiple awards… and Fox couldn’t get people to watch it?!

Just the other day, while talking with a group of online friends, I mentioned the show. The universal response was, “What’s Arrested Development?” The show’s been on for over two years, and has been critically acclaimed- and yet nobody’s heard of it? That’s not the show’s fault- that’s a failure in marketing.

And THAT’S how you complain about a network.

There’s also the possibility that someone in the Fox hierarchy didn’t like the show and was intent on its death.

I’m surprised they didn’t put it on Friday nights - where the majority of shows Fox wants to kill end up.

Look at what happend to Mystery Science Theater 3000 after its move to the Sci-Fi Channel. Not long after it started, they began moving it around and it ended up getting canned.

I saw more than a few promos on FOX for AD during its infancy - as much as any other show they aired, if not more. They pimped the hell out of that show, but it could never manage more than a small (but incredibly vocal) cult following.

I don’t understand what the Fox opposition would have had them do in this case.

They gave it the best timeslot they had for two seasons (post-Simpsons) and spent a ton on in-house and paid advetisement.

I just don’t think there was a significant market for this cult show.

Ripper, your apology noted and appreciated.

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I saw tons of promos for the show on Fox, and none of them made me want to tune in. Not one. I make no judgement about the quality of the show, because I never saw an episode. Maybe it’s because it just wasn’t “my kind of show” or maybe it’s that the promos failed to show whatever it was that folks found enjoyable about it. I don’t know, but I do know that every time I saw a promo for the show my reaction was, “What the fuck? That thing’s still on?” So, it can’t be because the show wasn’t hyped. It may have not been hyped properly, but it certainly was hyped.

Another show which Fox deliberately slaughtered (which hasn’t been mentioned yet) and was aired for far less time that AD is the live action The Tick.

It took me maybe a season and a half to sit down and watch a full episode, at which point I absolutely loved it. In hindsight, I have no idea why it’s so initially inacessible, but I think that has to be part of what killed it.

On paper, the whole Bluth Family thing just doesn’t sound entertaining. And it’s the kind of show that doesn’t work if you’re multitasking, because nearly every line is a joke that leads to another joke that leads to another, ad infinitum, and you have to give it your full concentration to realize it’s the zaniest comedy since Looney Tunes. And you have to like zany.

But I still blame Fox, because in the time I’ve been a regular viewer, I’ve never been able to consistently find it in the same spot for more than a few weeks at a stretch. More than once (as in this case), they’ve scheduled it and then pulled it (I think there’s an un-PC term for this). I really hope Mitchell Hurwitz and crew are committed enough to the show to shop it around to other networks.

I don’t understand this argument.

For it’s first two years it was on Sunday.

This year it’s on Monday.

Yes it was pre-empted a whole bunch, but Fox only moved it once, in-between seasons and promoted the hell out of the move over the summer and during the baseball playoffs.

I saw it once and couldn’t handle the quick camera changes.