Undescended Testicles

Can they still produce enough viable sperm to get someone pregnant?

They’re all nonproducers of sperm as far as I’m aware. Spermatogenesis cannot take place at normal core body temps, that’s why the twins are where they are. Nor can they develop and mature normally during childhood and pubescence if they’re stuck up high.

Undescended testicles are also at very high risk for cancer. That’s why it’s recommended that they be removed if they won’t come on down.

If only one teste is undescended, the other teste can produce enough spermatazoa for the individual to be fertile. If both are intra-abdominal, the individual should be infertile. In dogs, the possibility exists for a teste to be undescended, yet not in the abdomen. They exist somewhere between the inguinal ring and the scrotum, subcutaneously. I do not know if this is possible in a human. QtheM?

Undescended Testicles

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The technical name for failure of the testicles to descend is “cryptorchidism”. I have no reason for posting this except to show off that I know it.

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We had an all-female bluegrass band called Sidesaddle, which I thought was pretty cute.



I’ve seen two cases where one of the boys was in that position. There, I’m not sure if they can be fertile or not. I’ll have to consult my urologist friends. I do know that in one case the surgeon just moved it into the scrotum (on an adult patient).