unfaithful Husbands

I’m thinking of the Gifford situation. She forgave her husband. Hilary too. This is a bad idea. If you are a husband,and you run into temptation,and you know your wife will forgive you,wouldn’t you be more likely to cheat? There is some marriage counselors who say the couple should Never,Ever consider divorce. And,can you think of any famous husbands who’ve forgiven their publicly cheating spouses? Why does it seem to be the guys who cheat?And get forgiven??

Maybe the women are good enough at it not to get caught.

As for why those two didn’t just divorce their hubbys I haven’t a clue. I certainly would have been more impressed by their character if they had.

This could easily disintegrate into a flame war, but in my opinion, Hilary forgave Bill because they’re a political team. Kathy forgave Frank because she’s a Christian.

Picture me, ducking and running from the room.

A ship in the harbor is safe, but that isn’t what a ship is built for.

They do it because of low self confidence… they forgive in the hopes that they can return to the way things were without a big upset… it’s classic psychology… they talk about it alot in public schools these days. It doesn’t ahppen to guys because either the guys are too proud to admit it’s happening or they dump the cheatin’ bitches because they’re raised with more self-confidence. Or so I’m told.

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My step-dad thought he could get away with a sexual trist, be forgiven by my mom and have everything be hunky-dory. WRONG. Not only did he mess up my mom’s love for him, he just gained 3 pissed off step children. I hate him. I really really do. My mom is in the process of giving the douch-bag the boot. So hopefully by x-mas I’ll have an extra special present with his ass kicked out of the house. After learning from a jerk what not to do, I know what it takes to be a real man, and that cheating is not the thing to do. Sure its fun for a night, a week or in my case an entire year, but you get burned when its all over. And no matter if the wife is willing to forgive, its always going to be a thorn in her side. No one can fully forgive, its just not possible.

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I don’t think the OP pointless or mundane, nevertheless, it is a topic better served in MPSIMS.

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