Unflattering celebrity comparisons

Since Superbad was released, I’ve heard, all to often, people compare me to McLovin. Two or three times it’s been to my face, and a few other times it’s been from across crowds.

I certainly don’t take it as a compliment, nor has it really been presented as such. And how the fuck are you supposed to respond to something like that when someone says it to your face?

Talk about a confidence killer.

So what unattractive characters/celebrities have you been compared to?


Ok, you win.

Goddamnit, me too! It was a long time ago and I was dealing with stuff, but still. Thanks for the judgment, I feel like shit for a reason!

My poor husband often gets told he looks like George Castanza. Glasses and balding brunette hair seem to cancel out all other features, apparently.

Me? nobody.

Macauley Caulkin…but, then again, I’ve also gotten, Melanie Griffith, Goldie Hawn and Meg Ryan. Go figure!

Psssst. The OP asked for “unattractive and unflattering”. Go away, cutie. :wink:

Me? Any of the stereotypical brunette librarians with glasses, except that taking off my glasses and shaking out my hair just leaves me blind and you with cooties.

What?!?! You mean the heavy metal music doesn’t start playing & horny 12-year old boys don’t flock around you?

Music videos are totally bogus!

As for myself- someone I never met once found me in a crowd by following a mutual friend’s description of me as “a cross between Orson Welles and Santa Claus”.

While waiting for a train I was once told I looked just like Ted Turner.

I have doubts about the stranger’s judgement, as he appeared to be a crackhead. Also because I’m 30 years younger than Ted Turner, I don’t have a mustache like Ted Turner, and I look absolutely nothing like Ted Turner.

I was once told that I look like Jackee (Harry). I cannot stand the woman, and do not find her remotely attractive. She always looks like she just got a whiff of something foul-smelling.

The hell of it was, the poor guy was trying to flirt with me.

I’ve been compared to Wynona Judd which, as she is the least attractive member of the Judd family, I don’t appreciate very much. I’ve also been compared to Meryl Streep though so I think some people are just on crack. My boyfriend has been told he looks like Shrek by his 6 year old cousin which he did not find flattering at all.

I once read a story in Cosmo about a woman who put on a black and white swimsuit only to be told by her kid, “Oh, Mommy! You look just like Shamu!” :smiley:

“Ringo Starr”, which I guess could be a compliment if the speaker was a big Beatles fan.

When my hair was getting a bit long, a number of people noticed my resemblance to Bill Gates.

A customer told me I looked like Harry Potter.

Five years ago, when HP was a pre-teen.

I’m 31 and female.


Luckily it wasn’t in terms of personality, just for looks, but a few people have insisted I look like Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. (Not “Charlie and the…”- I’ve never been as skinny faced as that Veruca.)

On a good day, Bruce Willis. On a bad one, Ned Beatty.

At various points in my life I’ve been compared to Rick Schroeder, Chad Allen, and NPH (the latter two who ended up coming out of the closet later in life), the latter so much so that I was called “Doogie” during high school. Those were arguably flattering. I’ve also been compared to Quentin Tarantino and Flea (especially animated Flea) which I found unflattering.

I used to get Ally Sheedy or Jami Gertz when I was in my late 30s-early 40s. I guess I could see it, but it never really enchanted me much.

I used to get Kid Rock a lot…A LOT. Sometimes people not believing I wasn’t.

Usually though, it would be like 2 girls coming up to me with a conversation like this:

Girl 1 - You look just like Kid Rock
Girl 2 - Kid Rock, he’s ugly.

I can do math. If Kid Rock=Ugly and I= Kid Rock :dubious:

Once in a while, I would also get Riff Raff from Rocky Horror. I mean, at least some people might find Kid Rock good looking, but a complete stranger telling me I look like the mutant hunchback from a transvestite musical :confused:

For the past 30 years or so, my dad has constantly heard that he looks like Richard Gere. Which would be fine, if it weren’t for the fact that my dad *hates *Richard Gere.

Luckily I haven’t had to hear it or *her *lately, but when she was having her long, annoying fifteen minutes of fame, I was constantly being compared to Rosie Perez. Holy cow did that irritate me, especially since I could see the resemblance myself. She’s just so damned annoying:(