Unfortunate choice of username

(This incident came to my mind today, figured y’all would enjoy[noparse]:)[/noparse]

Last year, for Christmas, birthday, something like that, my 7 year old daughter got one of those stuffed animals from Ty (webkins?) that come with a URL and a code to go on line to “play” virtually with your webkin, buy (using virtual money, thankfully) accessories for your webkin, etc. It required setting up an account and creating a username. She’s quite computer savvy (moreso than I was at that age*), but I figured I’d help with it. Since she’s never had a username before in her life, I asked her which name she wanted.

“NOOO!!! I’m too shy!!!” she said. It would have to be up to me to pick my daughter’s first username.

Then I realized she actually gave an apt username in her reply. She often acts shy around new people/situations, and says she’s shy (whereas I know her to be incredibly outgoing). “Too shy” was actually not a bad username for her.

So, in it went. I had to enter it as all one word though, but there you had it, her very first user name!

She was happily playing away on line later, when I realized something while looking at her nom de net in the corner of the screen:


I couldn’t help but pronounce that in my head as “tushie”. I just made a 7 year old girl announce herself to the world, and strangers and Og-knows-what out there as “tushie”

:smack: :smack:

*Don’t get me wrong, I come by my comptuer geekery honestly and early. I date it from my 8th birthday (1980) when I got a book on computer programming, I was writing programs on our family’s TRS-80 by the time I was 9.

There was an episode of “The X-Files” titled “2shy”. Maybe you could change the spelling?

Well, thankfully, she lost the URL and I’m in no hurry to find it - I quickly change the subject when she brings it up.

I think “2shy” was one of the variations I tried - as well as “too shy” - before “tooshy” was accepted (I figured her peers would have usernames with numbers in them, sounds like something a kid would do (yes, I felt I had to think like a 7 year old girl to come up with her username)), but it wasn’t accepted, I dont’ know if it was because it had a number, because it led with a number, or because it was too short (or may, just it was taken), I don’t recall.


Is it case sensitive? Maybe you could spell it “TooShy”.

dhkendall: Usernames cannot be changed on Webkinz. But fear not – usernames are also not visible to others on Webkinz. What others will see is the name she has given her animal that she is playing with.

I hired a new customer service rep about a year ago and her very first attempt to help a customer turned into a real difficulty. Actually it was a really minor problem exacerbated by customer error, but it was her first job and her very first issue so naturally she didn’t want to mess up or need help.

He needed software sent to him but when she tried to e-mail it to the address we had in his account it bounced back. She called and tried to correct it but when she read what we had on file he insisted it was correct. So that was when we go involved in solving the mystery of his e-mail bouncing our software when sent by e-mail.

It turned out in the end the guy had just spelt his e-mail wrong and didn`t notice when she read it to him, but he named his e-mail after his truck - a Silverado. It was Silverado + the model number but he mistyped whatever the model number actually was, instead writing ‘LF’. Except we had no idea he named himself after his truck because all we saw was his e-mail address- SilverAdolf. So for half a day we were trying to figure out what was wrong with this pain in the neck SilverAdolf guy.

Paging [del]NoriNew[/del] NorineW

I used to go by the screen name LaSerenata67 on a few web forums, but for some reason it always ended up appearing as laserenata, and people would refer to me as “laser” … that’s why I dropped the “la”

Tooshy is miles better than one we had a few years ago: Ava Gina.

Wait… really?

Yup. Norine is her real first name and W. is her last initial.


That’s Kajagoogoo stuck in my head for the night!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I think Norine is a pretty awesome name…


Hush, hush…


>.< :smack:

Is there life after Kajagoogoo? If so it’s probably one long neverending story


Tooshy or Tushie is a dangerous name for a little girl online :slight_smile:

Last night I was talking to a guy, and he gave me his email. The address included the word “mojo”, and preceding that was “(somethingsomething)ho.” He took time to explain that he was not, in fact, homo jo.