Your Other Internet Identities?

(I got this idea from a thread started by Yesterdog in MPSIMS. I hope he doesn’t mind. :slight_smile: )

What are some of your other internet identies, past or current?

I have been Misnomer for at least 3-4 years now, and am currently using this name on 3 different message boards. Sometimes when I’m registering somewhere I’ll discover that “Misnomer” is already taken, in which case I add numbers and/or letters at the end – the most common variation is Misnomer971. (I was quite pleasantly surprised when I registered here and discovered that ‘my’ name wasn’t already in use!) I kinda like this identity, even though it’s not very distinctive. I plan to keep it for a while.

My very first ‘alias,’ many moons ago, was Str8Frwrd. And one of my first “Misnomer” variations was Misnomer2U. Both of those were established before I realized that I really dislike it when numbers are substituted for words/sounds. :smack:

I have other internet logins, but no other ‘identities.’ I think it might be interesting to hear what identities some of you are/have been known by…especially those of you who have had a cyberspace presence for many years… :slight_smile:

Well I’ve had a few over the years. Quite a few actually. See I roleplay so I need a log-in for each character on the messageboards (no, I won’t list them. I don’t even remember all of them myself).

In general though the main ones I have used are Invisible One, Topaz Antares and Obsidian Flutterby. Lately though I have boiled it down to Flutterby. Sweet and simple and IMHO it fits me :slight_smile:

Hello, fellow L. K. Hamilton fan! :slight_smile:

I’ve always been some variation of CanvasShoes, since 1996 or so. Some sites make you add numbers, or like on Yahoo, I forgot my password and had to be Canvasshoes2.

And I’ve always just been myself. wysiwyg.

I have been using “Dragwyr” since 1986. Nothing else. Just “Dragwyr”.

Good point! I forgot about the “have you ever made up a personality” possibility.

I, too, am always just myself, for better or worse…even on internet dating sites. :wink: I’ve never had the urge to make up an online personality, or the energy I imagine it would take to sustain one. Plus, I almost never lie in real life, so I see no reason to do so online. {shrug}

Ever since I started using BBS’s (early 90’s), I have been Sir Blah on every computer-related activity that required registration.

So why use Hal Briston here? The short version of the story is: I registered back in '99 or so as Sir Blah, never really used it, and had to come up with something new when I reregistered last year.

The long version is here, if you don’t mind a long, rather pointless tale.

Hey Hal, if you haven’t aready you’ll want to email a mod about doing something about the Sir Blah signup here. Even though it was years ago you’re only allowed one name and the mods like to get those old things cleared up.

I started off my online existence on AOL as Mars Felix. I got “hired” as a volunteer on AOL’s old Gay and Lesbian Forum and so had a second ID of GLCF Coop (as in Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks; I wanted “GLCF Tick” but they wouldn’t give it to me). arouns the same time I facilitated online chat for the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association and in that capacity was GayJ (my real first name), which I hated because I dislike any link between my online personae and my offline self. I had a miscelaneous “cruising” name for AOL and also made and deleted screen names for one-time usage.

After AOL deactivated my account after setting me up and upon re-establishing another account I was Mars redux and as a moderator in an investor’s forum was IN Jake. I got involved with a guy whose SN was Chaos dada so I became Mars dada for a while, then because it sounded better to me Otto dada. I also maintained a second SN for professional usage which was my initials and a four digit number. The AOL account’s been toast for over three years.

Today I’m Otto or some variation of same everywhere except and for my professional email, which is that same initials plus number combo. I’m always kind of surprised when “Otto” is available.

I’ve always used more or less my real name, except for here – simply because here is so much more visible than anywhere else I’ve frequented. However, as for AOL screen names, anything goes. I use the one that they issued me with my first initial + last name + 5 numbers, and several others depending on my mood, including

[ul][li]Rusty Juggs,[]Manuel Fresca, and[]Faustina Gumphry[/ul][/li]Oh, and I’m always “myself” when I post – I don’t have the energy to keep up a separate persona.

I’m Welfy almost everywhere, or at least forms of it, like on Livejournal. I tried to have a welfy name at hotmail but someone beat me to it!

I also used silly pretentious names like Clumsy Sonnet.

I was torgo (from Mystery Science Theater 3000) for the longest time, until I came to the SDMB. That name was already taken – dammit! – so I chose Solomon Grundy. That stuck, so I use it for everything now.

If I signed up to the SDMB today, I’d probably use my other handle, postmoderngirl. That’s my email handle and my LiveJournal username. It’s always available and I like the way it sounds - although I should make it clear I find postmodernism a load of bunk. (I picked the name when I was trying to find SOMETHING on AOL that wasn’t taken and I happened to be studying postmodern cultural theory for a seminar in college.) But Kyla is my real name and I’ve used it here at the SDMB for years and I’m not going to change it now.

I’m always myself online. I have RPed characters, but that’s just a game.

Once when I first started surfing the 'net (like '96, I guess), there was an online chat room (whose name escapes me right now) where everyone had an avatar and you could move from room to room. Well, my name was duodenum and my avatar was a downloaded endoscopic photo of a duodenum. It was always funny when my avatar came sauntering into a room saying ‘What’s up everybody? Anyone seen any good medical photos lately?’ And avatars would start fleeing in handfuls until the room was empty. It didn’t last long.

I was Niloc on Everquest.

I started using Rufus Xavier last year when I started playing poker on line.

lol Hello :slight_smile: Can’t wait for the next books… I have to wait on the library though :frowning: [/hijack]

I’ve always been myself excepting when I am ‘in character’ or when it was really late at night and I would play with the people who PMed me looking for cyber. And even then I was still myself, just my really odd self.

I’ve been AdoptaMom since the early 90’s. I’ve seriously considered changing my screen name a few times because there is an that I’m not affiliated with, but decided I was around before her, and I’ll be around after her :smiley:

Yes, I let them know awhile ago.

I had considered having them switch my name, but by then, the whole Hal Briston name had grown on me, so I left it as is. What the hell…I’m all for confusion.

I use the same name everywhere but AIM where I am currently rdvr. I would have **Aesiron ** there as well except that I used to have it when I had an AOL account and when I left it for a cable account, I was no longer allowed to access the name through AIM.

I’m very annoyed by that. I don’t like having multiple names although I do have three other names I cycle through when I make a secondary name somewhere. Those would be either Deimosan, Dioscurion, or Kalandian.

None of them are usually taken.

Well, I am Muad’Dib on a few boards. And I was Kleebner on SA untill I was perma-banned for not saying duck or goose in FYAD. If you look up Kleebner on google every result is from me.

I don’t like my current name here, Heart On My Sleeve, but I’m too lazy to change it. In my other places I’m Bessie Lou and Muncheechee. I do use my real name on sites where I won’t be posting personal information (such as Pruis Chat).

I’ve only used two screen names really. One is of course Cockatiel. Those are my favorite birds. The other is On Cloud VII and variations on that (whithout spaces, with underscores, etc.). The second one is a vaugue pun, I suppose…:wink:.