unhealthy foodstuffs

I know wheat bread is healthier than the white stuff. But white tastes so much better!
What foods do you know are not healthy but will eat them anyway?

White rice.If liquids count, Pepsi.

Um…everything? :o

Dried apricots. Unhealthy in the quantities I eat them, anyway.

ETA It used to be worse. Skittles. But I don’t do that anymore, now do I .

I just get uncomfortable when people start using the words “healthy” and “unhealthy”. On a lot of weight loss message boards, people seem to think the difference is black and white. Lots of people seem to think that fruit and vegetables aren’t “healthy” unless they’re organic, so they just don’t buy any at all–or, just as bad, they believe food labels that use the word “healthy”.

Anyway… my husband can’t abide brown rice or whole wheat pasta, so we usually buy the white stuff and I eat it. We eat too much red meat, too. Usually 2-3 times a week.

I disagree that white bread tastes better than whole grain. I can’t have wholegrain bread in the house because I’d eat too much of it.

As to other less-than-ideal food choices - pretty much everything: ice cream, chocolate, cakes…

Chicken-fried steak.

Biscuits and gravy.

Bacon. Bacon. Bacon. And I love the stuff.

Cheese too. It’s not that unhealthy in itself, but we eat far too much of it.

Potato chips. Especially the flavored varieties. But sometime I just crave them.

Go no further, the mountaintop has been claimed

Candy. The day I discovered I had my own paycheck and could buy as much damn candy as I wanted was a sad day for my teeth. It’s gotten a little better now that I’m not fresh out of college, but still. I dread the day my hummingbird metabolism slows down…

Lay’s potato chips. Because I can’t stop at just a handful. I buy Doritos for the chip-lovers here, because I don’t care for Doritos. And little frozen convenience meals, like enchiladas, or fried chicken, full of sodium and fat. They’re OK once in a while, yes, but it’s easy to get lazy and just stick one in the microwave every night of the week.

Frozen blended coffee drinks. Cold caffeinated nectar. But no part of a balanced lifestyle- they’re to beverages as Cinnabons are to food. I get the Northern Lite espresso one at Caribou, which is basically the diet version- 80 calories for a small. Take out the sugar, add extra chemicals. Whatever, gimme!

Cheesy anything
Cow tongue
Chocolatey, fatty stuff like Ding-Dongs

Coke Zero.

Lemme just put it this way: everything’s better with cheese.

French fries.
Too much espresso with too much raw sugar in it.
Red meat.
White rice.