"Uniform" for teenage & college age girls of Ugg boots & North Face jacket - Why so conformist?

An astounding number of relatively attractive young women have chosen this somewhat mundane and unoriginal uniform combo as their “go to” look.

Why? Do they have some terror of wearing an original outfit? Are pretty young girls that malleable to peer pressure?


Around here, there’s a stereotype about that outfit–that all the college girls who wear them are sorority members. Maybe it is a peer pressure thing.

I don’t wear them; I don’t see the point, but I also will admit to not liking the stigmas I’ve heard about sorority girls here. My girlfriends and I do not wear them. But we aren’t sorority girls.


Oh, and what Kemanchi about the stereotype of collegiate girls in that uniform being in sororities.

Um… yes?

But seriously. Yes. Of course they are. They’re young and they’re female, therefore they feel safe when they don’t stick out.

Also, for people who don’t like the first part of my answer, there are lots of pretty young women wearing other things. You just aren’t noticing that they’re part of the fad because they’re not.

Whenever I visit Chicago I notice virtually all the hot women wear tights and knee high boots, including the professional/yuppie types. I’m not complaining, but I have no idea how that got started or why. I wonder if the weather plays a role.

Wait, so you’re saying that young people are dressing in a way that seems silly or confusing to older people? Has someone alerted the media?

Let’s not overlook the fact that North Face jackets are really high quality and warm coats.

Also, this is still the trend? I remember this trend as a college student. In 2001.

I’m in FL near a college campus, and somewhat strangely woman still wear the boots (though not the jackets). With no snow and little mud, it looks pretty bizarre.

The sun rises. Night falls.

What is so surprising about the way people dress that is different from 100 years ago?

For the win in one.

Really astro, don’t you remember highschool?

Another possible factor: Most college campuses are fairly limited to preppy options when it comes to clothes shopping. If you’re stuck on campus and you gotta buy a coat, it’s probably going to be either Columbia or North Face or something else really preppy and expensive, because that’s what they sell on college campuses.

Central Arizona here. I love my uggs. I don’t know why people here are so anti uggs. Is it because they are ugly and make people look like that have muppet feet? If so, I know that when I wear mine, I have muppet feet. Is it because they are so expensive? I’ve had my uggs for 6 years. I’m willing to pay a premium for comfortable shoes/boots that last forever.

Do you folks in other warm climates have sheepskin seat covers? If so, do you take them off every summer, or do you notice that they keep your butt cooler due to the insulation? My sheepskin seat covers stay on all year.

Maybe I’m strange. Well, redact that, I know that I’m strange, but I do see a lot of other people with sheepskin seat covers and/or uggs.

As to the jackets, I don’t know.

It’s the same in China. Except both boots and jacket tend to be mispelled, either ogg boots or Roof Race Jacket. Or Norf Fase.

It is just another exactitude.

And what about all those Ugg-shaped footprints all over the lawns?

Bulletin: young people want to fit in.

In other news, sun rises in east.

Really hoping this is sarcasm.

? I’m not female, but my North Face products have been excellent though cold weather, rough hiking, and adventure camping. Are the women’s products poorly made or something?

There’s a stereotype here of North Face not being effective for blocking the cold. If they work for you, then great. I have a North Face polyester fleece type deal that’s good for lightly cold weather but doesn’t block the wind, so it’s not really viable below 45 degrees or so.