Unknown animal skeleton found in Turkey

Long hind legs, claws instead of hooves, and sharp teeth.

I wonder if part of the front legs is missing.

ETA: Aren’t claws more likely than hooves to go along with those teeth?

That’s what it looks like to me, but I didn’t zoom in.

Any possibility it’s a hoax, made from pieces assembled from different species?

Is there anything (marrow, perhaps) from which DNA can be extracted?

And has it been dated?

After the workers noticed that some of the tissue attached to the skeleton had yet not deteriorated, they reported their discovery to the academics at Iğdır University’s Biodiversity Application and Research Center.

The front legs and the left rib cage are missing.
Cat or dog are far more probable than mysterious cryptid.

It was found in Turkey, and it’s almost Thanksgiving? It was probably a duck or a chicken, I’d say.

I was thinking it looked like some sort of canid.


Chupacabra puppy.

Looks a like a bit like a wallaby to me. Link

The skull looks dog-like to me. And nothing in the article really suggests this is newsworthy beyond the finders being weird about having found a dog skeleton. I mean “It has claws instead of hoofs!” Why were you expecting hoofs when the skull is that of a predator?

Dog-like, maybe, but those rear legs look awfully long, compared to the body length.

Isn’t it true that sometimes, when researchers find unusual bones/skulls, upon DNA analysis it ends up being a diseased or mutated individual of a known species?