Unlikely Love . . .

It’s Valentines day weekend. And look, even ComputerWorld has a V-day issue:

This article about two-Geek couples making it work won my heart. Especially this quote:


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I mean really, it gives me hope! So share some stories of unlikely or difficult love for those of us in the “Highly unlikely to couple up” statistical group.

We both majored in the same type of engineering in college. We both work in Quality at Medical Device companies - we’ve even worked at the same companies, once in the same group.

We use a spreadsheet to track chores, to make sure they’re distributed evenly.

We play table-top RPGs, taking turns at GMing (I have not yet succumbed to online roleplaying, however).

We quit our jobs back in 2005 to gut and remodel our house, and in doing so we:

  • Labeled (copiously) all of the electrical lines for their circuits, to make future repairs easier.
  • Set up outlets in the office to be within some cabinets, at the desktop, etc. as needed
  • Designed a hot tub filling and drainage system that is a thing of beauty (the inspector had never seen anything like it).
  • Set up 2 20A circuits in the kitchen, so we can run up to 4 waffle irons at once.
  • Labeled the cabinets where the garbage and recycling go, to make it easier for friends.
  • Installed a urinal in the main floor bathroom, since a majority of our houseguests are male
  • Set up a two-person shower with separate flow and temperature regulators, then calibrated the temp regulators 10 degrees higher, since we like hot water.
  • Sized our dining room for a table big enough to fit all of our friends around it for gaming, and have our books, dice, etc. in the sideboard.

I know there’s more, but I’m getting a little scared of myself here. :smiley: