Unoccupied territory?

When I was a kid (late 70s)… I swear I remember a diamond shaped area in the middle east… or perhaps in Europe, which was always colored white on the map and labeled ‘unoccupied’ or ‘neutral zone’. Does anybody remember this, what it’s location was and what it was all about?!

I was too young to remember whether this was Europe or the Middle East… but I distinctly remember the diamond shape, and the fact that it was colored white on globes and maps. This was around 1976… and it’s possible that our maps in school were quite a bit older than that.

Look on the Saudi/Iraq border, just west of their intersection wuth Kuwait’s border. It’s still there.

Cecil has, of course, addressed this.

I seem to remember three different neutral zones from the 1967 map of the Middle East I found in the family Bible the other day. Sorry though, the map isn’t on hand.

The neutral zone refers to the area between the blue lines on an ice rink.

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