UnoMondo, you are a jackass of the highest caliber


This just takes the fucking cake. Someone posts that her friend fucking KILLED himself, and you ask her for proof.


HERE, you defend a stalker.


Get bent.

May I suggest “jerk-off of the lowest denominator” as equally applicable nomenclature?

I hope you’re including JerseyDiamond for his equally obnoxious views.

JerseyDiamond’s behavior was addressed by Polycarp in another thread. (Oh, and JD is a she)

JerkeyDiamond is a woman and she is married to JoeSoNotCool who will take you to the mat in defense of his wife, no matter how moronic her post might have been. It’s all a tiny penis/testosterone overload thing.

Way to be compassionate, both of them. If you are going to question the validity of someone’s claim that their friend committed suicide, you should keep your thoughts to yourself. To imply that andygirl may be lying is low.

Actually Guin, Poly is discussing His4Ever in that thread, not JerseyDiamond, who just posted to defend UnuMondo.

Oh, sorry I didn’t know he was a she! I don’t her, but based on her post I hope it was just a error of judgement. That’s my take.

UnaMondo is worse, however, for being unbelievably crass in asking for a cite.

Oh. My mistake. Well, in that case, she’s being an ass too.

Well, at any rate, I’m also taking Uno to task for his suggestion that stalker-like behavior is rational.

I’m not gay, I don’t have any friends who died, but I’ve had a situation almost the mirror of MeanOldLady’s and I’m out for blood.

Well, in that one, his assertion was certainly ridiculous, but I don’t think it’s quite fair to call that guy a stalker. Overly needy, clingy guy perhaps, but I wouldn’t characterize what Lady described as “stalking”.

That first one though, is disgusting. Really appalling assholery.

UnoMondo, you owe andygirl an apology. A big one.

JD is a fundamentalist lunatic, and pretty much immune to reason or shame. Not much point even talking to her, IMO.

Let’s not forget the post at the bottom of this page, where UnoMondo tells us that kids who are beaten by their classmates deserve it and no one should try to do anything to prevent it or comfort the victims, even if the victims become depressed or suicidal.

I’d like a cite to prove that UnoMondo is actually a human being and not a monster that has learned to type.

UnoMondo owes everyone in that thread an apology for being a crass fucking jackass. And that is not the only apology owed by someone of that description. By my count (for what that’s worth) at least two are owed, and possibly a third, depending on how page 8 and the beginning of page 9 flesh out.

Gandhi was sure right about one thing…

Let’s see… Come to think of it, I have no citation for the fact that my chemistry teacher tried to force me to drink hydrochloric acid. I suppose there is no paper trail to the effect that he made me sweep up mercury with a broom. I guess Hamish has no documentary evidence to support that a police officer once threatened to take a friend of his to the UBC campus on a cold night and abandon him there where there are no buses, so that he could die of exposure. It looks like my boyfriend Potter cannot substantiate having been repeatedly gaybashed.

But question our honesty about these subjects, and I swear you will be pissing through a straw.

Come to think of it, matt, it is only my word against whoevers that I got sticks, rocks, and other such things thrown at me by the very children I was tutoring.

My heinous crime? They wanted to know if I was gay, and when I refused to answer the question (on the grounds that it was none of their damn business) they decided I was and started throwing stuff. And the name-calling of course. It’s interesting to what lengths kids will memorize a 30-second-long string of insults just in case they have a chance to use it.

I think a few being on this board missed class the decade tact was being discussed. Might also indicate a lack of schooling in other areas as well.

And let’s not forget Jersey’s very own hubby-Joe Cool himself.

While my gay bashing that happened in 1997 WAS in the newspaper, they didn’t cover it for a week because they thought I wouldn’t want the attention.


But, even though it was in the newspaper and on the police blotter, and later in the court docket for two of the dingleberries I did prosecute, I’m SURE that isn’t adequate substantiation.

Lamia, here I go finding and building a link to the post and you beat me to it. I do have the cancelled checks from the therapy I’m undergoing, and I can give you the exact date and location for my first hospitalization, and an approximation of the date of the third one (the second one was the same location, but I can’t date it within a month). The third one was, in fact, over Valentine’s Day 10 years ago. I can also give you the names of at least two witnesses to what my best friend and I went through. I tried toughing it out; that’s what landed me in the hospital the first time.

Uno Mondo, you really have been acting like a jerk. Care to apologize?


This will probably shock Joe, but here goes anyway. Some of y’all are misreading what he said. He didn’t ask for a cite as to the event. To pounce on him like you’re doing for that is wrong.

As for Joe: It’s also wrong to boil suicide down to selfishness. Nobody knows, really, why someone’s killed himself. Suicide is an extremely complex issue and you can’t put it down to a pop saying.

As for the dead person’s parents: It’s quite convenient to blame them because they’re doing something you disapprove of. That does not equate to them being the cause of the suicide.

In short, so many of y’all are wrong on so many counts, it’s sad.

How do you figure, Monty? Andygirl posted the story; she made no assertions about it other than that he had killed himself. UnuMondo said, “Cite? Perhaps you can dig up a newspaper article.” I don’t know how else to take that.