Ripping AcidKid a new asshole is always a viable option.

AcidKid fuck off you insensitive jerk. No one gives a shit about your triple posting, which you apologized for. But your cranial suppository of misplaced witlessness requires an apology which you haven’t yet made.

Sweet CHRIST people. What is up in the pit this week? Yeeeow. Will no one escape unscathed?

Not this time. AcidKid made a comment that was neither witty nor helpful, to an OP who was asking a serious and very very sensitive question. It was more than rude and hurtful, it was downright fucking dangerous. I’ve been in the situation as the OP in that thread and comments like the one from AcidKid can push you over the edge.

Oh no, I totally understand the pitting. I’m just sort of shocked at the first page of the BBQ Pit this week in general. It’s a lot of poster on poster ripping, not the norm for us.

Not the norm for me either, but in this case, I’ll make an exception.

The “wit” of making a word-play on “viable” is no excuse for cruel, callous, nastiness. Especially not when the opposite – “suicide is NOT viable” – would have carried the same word-play and wit, but not had the meanness underlying.

There are two kinds of people in the world: jerks and human beings. The latter have some sensitivity to others. The former get themselves banned when they expose their true colors.

When someone is asking for serious replies about suicide, it’s probably not the best time to practice a purported witticism. Use some disgression. You don’t have to post everything that comes into your head.

Thanks jarbabyj, I was worried I had seriously overstepped the mark in pitting this guy when reading your first reply. But I am hurt by what AcidKid said as an attempted joke, and susspect others were as well.

Normally I wouldn’t mind seeing something like that, but the OP was seriously hurting. I’ve been known for an unpleasant lack of tact, but I won’t kick someone who’s down (that I don’t know).

originaly by; UnwrittenNocturne

Not for nothing , but this is the fucking BBQ PIT !!! People dont have to be nice to each other here. That is part of its charm. If you dont want people to drive by and yell “Jump”, then dont post about suicide in the pit. Post it in GD or MPSIMS, or GQ or any of the other forums. Usualy when people post in the pit they dont expect a nice answer.

Sorry jarbabyj I misinterpreted your initial post in this thread.

Yah, but they don’t have to be festering cock-sprockets either.

There is such a thing as time and place - just because a thread is in the pit doesn’t give people carte blanche to dump their own shit all over it.

But you do have to refrain from being a jerk, even in this forum (as I know from bitter experience).

What AcidKid said was entirely jerkish.

I probably will escape. I’m utterly unoffensive. :slight_smile:

Me too. My ass is like a lotus petal.

I’m pretty certain that “Don’t be a Jerk” applies to the Pit, and there is no obligation to be offensive when posting in the Pit. Thinking before posting, if not obligatory, is punished if not followed. It’s hard to believe AcidKid thought before posting. Or after for that matter, since the aplogy was for his continued failings in understanding multiple posts.

originaly by: jjimm

True, he was a jerk, but according to the pit rules it is allowed. Hell , on the first page there is a thread called "UnuMondo, your stupidity amazes me " and “Reverend Mykeru, you are such a fucking tool” . If calling people stupid and a tool isnt being a jerk than what is? The last time looked name calling was pretty jerkish. I am not defending what AcidKid said,just that if we are going to start calling people out for being jerks we will have a long list.

I am not a moderator, but I believe if you asked one, they would refute this statement. The Golden Rule of the SDMB, whichever forum you are in, is “don’t be a jerk”. That applies to the Pit too.

First of all, I am very stupid.

Second, I don’t get the wordplay. Could someone much smarter than me explain how “suicide is always a viable option” is a play on words?

suicide means death

viable means living

see the hilarity?

That’s fucking stupid. Even stupider than ME.