Unscented Dish Soap

This is pretty mundane, but I thought of it while I was reading the Dawn dish soap comments.

First of all, I am the queen of scents. I love scents - laundry detergent, fabric softener, soaps, etc. I’m always opening bottles at the grocery store to find the fragrance that I like best. My dish soap of choice was Gain, which had all sorts of good smells and was much cheaper than Dawn. One day as I was eating some homemade chicken rice soup that I had stored in a Rubbermaid container, I thought to myself how I hate that I can taste dish soap in my food. Then it dawned on me, which should have been a no-brainer years ago, buy unscented dish soap! So for the last 6 months or so I’ve been buying Palmolive Free. Guess what? My food doesn’t taste like dish soap anymore!!

Even now, when I take out a container that I haven’t used in a while I can smell the dish soap on it. I’ve had to soak some of them for quite a while to get the smell/taste out of them.

Why didn’t I think of that sooner? :thinking:

Nice TIP

I mix unscented dish soap with just a touch of lemon-scented dish soap just so that I can be sure I’ve rinsed it off all the way.

Eta: Not that it matters, but I detest most household cleaning scents. If I smelled dish soap in my plastic containers, they’d be outta here ASAP.

Similarity, when i hand-wash clothing, i use the soap with a strong scent, not the unscented bottle of the same stuff sitting next to it. That way i can tell when I’ve rinsed it adequately.