Unseen TV Pilots!

The Other Network is a production of couple of writers who were upset because some of their best writing was in TV pilots that the networks failed to pick up. So they gathered together some of the pilots that they had done, along with those of their friends and have turned them into a film! Here’s a description of one of the pilots starring Jack Black

According to the NPR story I just heard on this, the producers of The Other Network are in negotiation with one of the cable channels for it to be a series! :cool:

I remember seeing The Ugily Family back in the 80s at one of those “Tell us what you thought about these commercials” screenings.

The pun was in the Title. Yoo Gee Lee? or Ugh a Lee?

That guy that took over Arnold’s in Happy Days was the lead.

As I recall, they made a pilot episode for a U.S. version of Red Dwarf, featuring Jane Leeves as Holly, and Terry Farrell (!) as The Cat. The pilot never aired.

The sentient motorcycle doesn’t happen to have a display that blinks “MEGAWEAPON!” at its rider, does it?

It is possible to get hold of a copy of this, but it’s so dire and unfunny I wouldn’t bother.

Oddly enough it’s producer went on to make Malcolm in the Middle.

There was an earlier version of the BtVS pilot, which was a bit less funny than the one that was finally aired, and more specifically had a completely different Willow (not a skinny redhead but a chubby blonde). I’ve never been able to find out why they first made that one, than apparently went on to reshoot the whole thing. Was it a pilot to get funding, then (a la Action, the short-lived series with Jay Mohr) rewritten on the behest of the producers?

Anyway, you could download an .MPG version on the 'Net a couple of years ago. The script was available as well somewhere. Fun for the fans, as a curiosity only.

This stuff does make me wonder about the economics of TV-producing. Is there a large pool for funding these pilots? Are hopeful writers/producers paying these pilots out of their own pockets in the hope of luring the big bucks of investors? Is it a method of producers to cut their losses, first creating a pilot and when finding out it doesn’t work, then pulling the plug before shooting the rest of the episodes?

Oops, hijack!:wink:

What’s odd about that? You said it was dire and unfunny, didn’t you?

“Heat Vision and Jack” is available on eBay, or was a couple of years ago. By now, I’m Jack Blacked out, but then, I thought he was the best. I just couldn’t make myself pay 30 bucks for a half-hour show.