2014 TV Pilots-Flying high, or crash landing?

Variety has come out with a list of proposed television shows for the upcoming season. More repetitive dreck than usual, in my opinion, but iZombie looks interesting.

No one interested in either the CSI or NCIS spinoffs? How about the animated Gilligan’s Island remake? :smiley:

The “Supernatural” spinoff could be good.

That’s a lot of shows. How does this work exactly - are these the shows where the network will pay for a pilot to be produced before deciding on whether to go on with the project?

Pretty much for most of them, yes.

Katherine Heigl’s show, State of Affairs, is going to crash for sure. It’s a cross between Homeland and Scandal! And co-produced by Heigl.

An unoriginal show, with an actress who destroyed her fan base and has a terrible track record as a producer. (One for the Money anyone?)

And trying to imitate Scandal, which is produced by the same people as her former employers at Grey’s Anatomy? Nice touch.

(OTOH, I thought Brooklyn Nine-Nine would be cold and dead by now.)

Galavant sounds like James Marsden’s character from Enchanted.

Sea of Fire sounds like it could be interested.

I might like Hieroglyph, I like me some historical drama.

Interest in Salvation depends if they go for scandalous drama or try to play it 7th Heaven-style.

Exactly. They will shoot many pilot series and then they are screened before random groups of people and rated. Those that score the highest are (usually) picked up for a series order.

Sometimes they might re-shoot a pilot if they think there is promise; perhaps changing the actors or fiddling with the script or basic premise. This is more common if there is a “name actor” involved and they don’t want to lose the chance to hire them. My guess is The Michael J. Fox Show and Sean Saves The World were two shows last season that might not have gotten rave reviews by test audiences, but NBC couldn’t resist hiring Michael J. Fox and Sean Hayes. (Sean Saves The World has since been cancelled and I think they haven’t decided to keep keep Fox’s show yet.)

That’s a lot of single camera comedies. I’m kind of surprised. Is that typical for there to be so many (and presumably rejected?) and this stage?

The Visitors (ABC) could be good. Based on “Zero Hour” by Ray Bradbury. It’s short–needed to be padded to put on radio–but with interesting ideas. Could be fun.

The rest? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Supernatural: Tribes

The what the what now? Maybe it’d help if I ever saw Supernatural.