TV Pilots For 2013: Read What Might Become The Newest Hit TV Series?

Here is a rather complete listing of all of the current TV pilots currently in production, as per this Hollywood Reporter article.

First of all, it is a long list - but remember that many TV pilots are filmed, seen by the executives at the network, and are killed before ever being aired.

Some are chosen and given a short trial run to see if they will be hits. Some have already been given the green light and will be on the air this Fall season.

I do notice quite a few of these shows are new variations of foreign shows (mostly from the UK), so that could help get them the green light.

Still - some interesting and not-so-interesting pilots being filmed. Check them out and see if you can pick any sure-fire winners in there!

A few look interesting. I might give them a look when they make it on the air (if they make it on the air.

Bad Management
Crazy Ones
Jacked Up
The Hundred (doomed, but I’ll watch the few episodes that air before cancellation)
The Wild Blue

Several shows set on military bases of different sorts this season.

These all sound nauseating…and worse, I realized that I’ve lost the ability to pick out the probably good ones from all the rest. :frowning:

Not good.

A few I have hopes for (I’m a Whedon fan and would like to see Rupert Grint move on to something to keep attention on him). Most of it is the usual recycled crap or movie to TV series or remakes of some other country’s shows. (I loved Second Sight and the planned US version seems to have deviated a bit from the original).

Sadly, for every failed new show there is likely a reality show waiting in the wings to take the time slot.

I should get a lot of reading done this fall and catch up on all the movies on the Netflix list.

The Hundred, Oxygen, and The Selection look interesting. So does Reckless, if for no other reason than the description makes it sound like Michael Gladis will playing Cam Gidget’s love interest :cool:, but I’m probally wrong about that. I was a big fan of the Nickelodeon version so I’d probally watch the Tomorrow People too.

Three separate pilots based on Israeli series. …Just strikes me as curious, that’s all.

I will watch “How the Hell am I Normal”, but only because Wendi McLendon-Covey is a delicious Goddess.

does this one mean that the entire series occurs in a single night? if it turned out to be successful, does that mean the night would take a couple of seasons to end?

It’s almost as if a certain group is in control of the media. :wink:

I’ve had nights like that.

Probably because of the success of Homeland.

Well, I worked from home today, and put Mixology on in the background. I had never watched a single episode because I thought it didn’t look too good; and that it was geared towards 20-somethings (but what isn’t?).

I have to say, It’s a funny show. Anyone here seen it? Yes it’s about 5 men and 5 women and their interactions throughout one night at a bar. I think what I like about it is that it’s not a show about how all these good looking people hook up over a night. They’ve done a good job with various character types. The ‘nice’ guy; the mom with a night out who basically wants to get laid, the not-handsome guy, etc. etc. I’ll definitely continue watching it.

And while this is a thread about the new TV shows for this season… Surviving Jack is another show I didn’t think I’d like but now think is one of the best comedies on TV right now. It’s kind of a coming of age set in the 1990s; except the mom goes back to law school so the dad takes over the family just as the kids are going through pretty big changes in life. I’ve only seen a couple of episodes but it’s been pretty good so far.