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So could someone explain to me what this new “not an ad” banner is that I’m seeing now, or is everyone else as clueless as I am?

I’d like a slice of that explanation too, please.

I took it as a charitable gesture from one of the teeming millions who wanted to either:

Support the Reader financially for so genrously providing the SDMB; or

Spare the rest of us from the same old, same old banners.

Either way, it’s a nice gesture. However, it does raise interesting possibilities. I wonder if I could get a banner that says “(Insert disliked troll’s name here) is a big fat weenie-head”

If you’re referring to the game site, it’s a legitimate ad. A PAID ad, please please click and go play!

That IS what you’re referring to, right?

your humble TubaDiva
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PS If you wanna advertise, go talk to the Chicago Reader advertising department, they run the banner ads here. It’s only money.

Ummm, Tuba - I’m seeing an ad that says “This is not an ad. Nothing to click. Nowhere to go. Brought to you by a friend of the SDMB”. Nothing happens when I click on it.

Okay, so I’m dense…

Absolutely, positively not. I’m referring to the nice Not-An-Ad from a “Friend of the SDMB”. It’s kinda creeping me out, actually. I wanna know who our friend is, and why they picked that horrid color of blue.

And, more importantly, can I just put up something like, “Party at Flyp’s”?

I suspect we have been April Fooled.

We’re investigating.


your humble TubaDiva
The Straight Dope

Well, not to get anyone’s bras in the figurative twist, but is this a hacking? Are we looking at MB down time while this is looked into/corrected? Or is it something that’s going to get taken down without a hiccup?

I like it, it’s cool as hell. I clicked it too, just to show my support, haha.

“Mrs. Krabappel, are you trying to seduce me?”

I have that banner on my screen right now. When I click on it, all it does is reload the page.

Remember whn someone named gl0worm disabled the banners and replaced them with black rectangles? It was said that if anyone did this, HTML would be disabled.

Then, we had the hacker and that’s exactly what was done. Evidently, someone has figured out how to do the same without using HTML.

Now, is that something to worry about or not?

Feel free to correct me at any time. But don’t be surprised if I try to correct you.

Wow, that “ad” NEVER disappears! It follows me wherever I go on the board! It’s stalking me! Now that I have it, the only way to get rid of it is to go off-site and return or re-boot.

::voguevixen serruptitiously (sp) checks to make sure her virusscan is running, and exhales a “phew” when she sees it is::

“Mrs. Krabappel, are you trying to seduce me?”

I noticed that banner too and just wanted to chime in with the “I’m creeped out and hope this doesn’t mean the board will be down for a week again” crowd.

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Are ya’ll still seeing it? I was at school when I started this thread, but I haven’t seen it again since I’ve come back home.

I have heard from the Reader and from the originator of the ad.

It was placed by a friend of the SDMB, just one of folks amongst us all; they paid cash money to have it run.

Let me quote from our anonymous Teemster:

Hope this allays all suspicions – and perhaps gives you all an idea. Consider it the cyberspace version of the bake sale.

your humble TubaDiva
The Straight Dope
“Put your money where your mouth is, we’ll put it on a banner.”

Cool. If I have the party I’m thinkin’ about over the summer, guess where the Dopers’ invite is goin.

Cool. Now I feel a little guilty for kinda starting the paranoia. Sorry.

How do we find out the rates for running an ad?

Now that’s a great idea!

whitetho: look at the bottom of your screen. see in tiny characters the line that says

For advertising information, see the [/url=http://www.chireader.com/readerinc/Onlinerate.html]Chicago Reader Online Rate Sheet