Unusual HIV transmission

Have there been any documented cases of people contracting HIV in a manner other than the accepted sexual intercourse, intravenous drug use and blood transfusion?
Which of these would be theoretically most possible: Contraction through mosquito bite, contaminated toilet seat, sharing of a note to snort cocaine or being spat at?

No :o

I don’t know about documented cases, but according to this North Carolina government site:

You can be born with it, if your mother had it while she was pregnant with you.

You might be able to get it from nursing, if your mother has it, but probably not.

Other than that, there are no documented routes of infection that don’t include needles, or sex.

But, as we all know Priests, Politicians, and the very rich have means available which the rest of us must do without.


Also, if you want a more thorough overview of modes of HIV transmission, check out the HIV/AIDS section at the United States Centers for Disease Control website.

While I can’t provide a cite, I remember hearing a weird anecdote (official, documented, in the legitimate news) about one woman transmitting it to another through use of a shared dildo. Apparently, the first woman used the dildo so hard that it became “tinged with blood” and then the second woman used it.

Then why would this be surprising at all?

Because it answers the OP’s question, “other than blood transfusion, sex, or drug use.”

So, you’re saying that mutual masturbation isn’t sex? I don’t know that I’d agree with you, there.

It doesn’t matter what the NC Government says. It may be rare, but I think it is very possible to contact HIV through toilet seats, or a mosquito bite. For example, if a mosquito lands on an AIDS victim, sucks some blood, gets swatted off, but doesn’t die. The mosquito can then land on the next person and do it again, WITH THE BLOOD OF THE AIDS VICTIM STILL IN, AND AROUND THE MOSQUITOS NEEDLE/STINGER THINGIE.

Need I even bring up the possbility of a womens menstration cycle and toilet seats? Not possible? Rare (maybe never even documented), but I don’t think it’s safe to say to a 100% certainty that you cannot contract it by these methods. Especially in this day and age.

We may know quite a bit about AIDS, but I think we only know about 40% of it as a whole.

The nose/stinger of a mosquito is called a proboscois I believe though I may be off on the spelling.

HIV does not live very long outside the body which is why transmission via toilet seats et al is unheard of.

You seem quite paranoid. Just because you think something is possible doesn’t mean that it is.

There is at least one known case of suspected HIV transmission through shared use of razor blades. The same article mentions a possible transmission through a mother applying ointment to her son’s psoriasis scales.

The risk of such a transmission is negligible and can be completely avoided by either not sharing razors or properly sterilizing razors between uses.

Wouldn’t those basically be a form of blood transfusion?

Wasn’t there a case where some patients of an HIV+ dentist infected a patient? It’s one of those things I vaguely remember hearing about, but I don’t remember specifics.

This case may be the one I’m thinking of - the time frame feels about right for what I think I remember.



No. You need a significant viral load to acquire the HIV virus. The HIV virus does not reproduce in the mosquito, so there is no way to increase the miniscule viral load present in the amount of blood the mosquito would drink, even if sipping from an AIDS patient with very high viral titers.

Several cases of non traditional transmission, including fluid spills, fights, biting, contact with faeces, razor usage are reported here.

You “think”? Is this just some crystal-like “feeling” you have, or is it supported by some research and evidence? Because the CDC has the following to say:

Kind of puts a damper on your theory about the “stinger thingie,” doesn’t it?

What do you mean “in this day and age”? In this day and age, intensive research has established that HIV has a very short lifespan outside the body of a host. And that research, according to the same CDC website, is usually conducted with samples that have a much higher concentration of the virus than a typical human carrier. Furthermore, your example assumes that a toilet user is likely to park his or her ass on a toilet seat that has a rather large visible splotch of blood on it, that the blood itself is still infected with HIV, and that the blood will come into contact with a mucous membrane or will be able to get in through the skin. I’m sure that, if a specific laboratory experiment were set up providing ideal conditions for this to happen, it might be possible for someone to become infected, but to assert, in the face of all the evidence to the contrary, that this is possible mode of transmission in the real world is likely to do nothing except cause unnecessary hysteria.

Hell, we’ve already established on these boards that plenty of people don’t even allow their ass to touch the seat in public restrooms.

I could swear there was a column on this. But I can’t find it. I do know that several of the doctors and biologists on the SDMB have explained exactly why HIV transmission by mosquito is impossible. Brachyrynchos has a doctorate in biology, is employed as an ornithologist by a university, and has done plenty of study of mosquitoes as vectors. I will take her explanation of why I can’t get AIDS from a mosquito bite over your groundless fear that I can.