Unusual ISP behaviour.

For the past 3 nights my ISP or internet connection has been behaving strangely.

For the first two nights it couldn’t find any sites, but could connect to chat servers and newsgroup servers. Then last night when I tried to get to one of my message boards it would load the isp’s homepage (www.manx.net) but all the links on the homepage had the message board as their domain!? the message board and the isp are completely unrelated.

Incedentally my online e-mail worked fine (but not from outlook) and whenever I tried to get to sdmb I got a google 404 not found page! (as if I had tried to follow a link on the google domain)
so it seems as if last night the domains were getting muddled up.

Has this happened to anyone before? What could the cause be? Are there any tricks I could try (such as pinging well known ip addresses. what are some well known ip addresses?)

Do you have a router (esp a Linksys)? If you do try power cycling it (unplug it for a couple of seconds then plug it back in. While your at it, it wouldn’t hurt to do the reset your computer, modem, switches or hubs etc. Linksys routers have a habit of acting weird like that.

It’s a BT Voyager wireless router. I will try the power cycling thing next time I get the behaviour. Thanks.
But it’s weird how it has worked during the day but not in the evening.