Unwanted ICQ solicitation

The icon on the taskbar on my desktop for ICQ flashes. I click it and get a screen with porn girls and Ms Cleo types. This happens several times a day. I have never opened one of these messages …simply close each one only to get several more…I’ve been looking for something to click to stop the messages but there is no place that I can find to stop them. I have a netscape browser and yahoo search engine.

I would appreciate it if someone would spoonfeed me where to look to get rid of these unwanted messages.

If you click on the “ICQ” button near the lower left of the ICQ front panel, select “Security and privacy” and you will be able to set your options there. You can choose to have only users on your contact list allowed to send you messages.

Here’s a very funny way that one guy deals with ICQ spammers.