Up the Butt, Bob revisited

If you’ve been here for only a year or less, you might be surprised that this discussion took place originally in Great Debates. Alas, those were the good ol’ days.

At any rate, I just discovered that Snopes has revised its status of this famous Newlywed Game controversy to “Sort of”. After claiming for years that nothing of the kind ever happened, and even offering $10,000 to anyone with, in his view, sufficient evidence that it did, Eubanks must have been as surprised as anyone when a clip recently came to light wherein a woman says “up the ass” to the famous question.

Now, that’s not the exact episode that I saw, but I think it reopens the debate. (Please move if necessary, mods.) Something like it did happen, and we all can see it just because somebody stumbled across the clip and knew about the controversy. (It surfaced on usenet, of course.) But the point is that there were lots of variations on the question of where people made whoopie, and they were asked a lot. It was a standard. There could very well be more than one of these episodes.

I don’t really care to debate what I saw anymore, since five pages of that was aplenty. But what with my recent discovery, and what with all the new people here, I would like to hear from anyone else who might have seen it, or knows someone who might have.

My ex-wife’s butcher’s brother saw it originally. NO, really. He really did. :frowning:

Lib Notice that the update to snopes page was in June,2000. If I remember, there has been a thread on this board since the page was updated.

Notice that the couple in the show had the phrase(whatever it was) bleeped. So there still is no evidence that a couple actually SAID, outloud on tv, any phrase as “in the ass” or “up the butt.”

All memories of said show in which the panelist “said” those words are probably “false memories.”

Lip readers can probably say correctly that they saw such a show at some point in time. All others are suckin’ air.

So for those of who weren’t here, what was the question, exactly?

What’s the strangest place you’ve ever had sex?

They meant, location. The poor woman thought they meant orifice.

Can I get a link to the old thread, Lib? That was some good reading.

Mucho gracias.

My long-overdue take:

It might be true. Heck, I’d go so far as to say that it’s probably true. But even if it is, so what? A contestant misunderstands a question? Gee, that only happens, like, about every week. And when you really think about it, it’s a perfectly understandable misunderstanding…it’s only our prevailing attitudes toward, er, unusual sexual activities that make this seemingly shocking.

Two opponents on Scrabble who couldn’t spell “mosquitoes”. Bubba Smith, an NFL Hall of Famer, asked to name a violent sport on Family Feud and not guessing football. At least two Who Wants To Be A Millionaire contestants (probably more by now) screwing up the $100 question. It happens, folks.

God, this again…

She DID NOT say in the ass or up the ass or up the butt.

She DID say simply, The ass?

Go to snopes and download the clip. The word is muted but it is obvious that she says, “The ass?”

Now let’s all get on with our lives…

Indeed. David B’s Libertarian: Newlywed Game Remark. June 2000. Now Libertarian has just rediscovered the Snopes update. His recollection of the clip he recalls is as ever, but his fine words in praise of David B have slipped away for a while. Strange thing, memory :smiley:

Someone who looks like Fenris dressed as Cecil streaks through the thread, showing his ass.

Oh, I recall David’s thread in general, though I did not recall specifics. Of course, I wasn’t reading David’s thread with a friend beside me who, along with me, recalls falling to the floor in laughter from David’s unforgettable faux pas.

So, did Eubanks pay up?

For those new to the boards, please forgive Lib.

He’s been hounded from pillar to post(or “thread to thread”, I forget which it is this week).

This may be the only forumn in which he is allowed to post.

Lib Give it a rest. You NEVER HEARD a contestant say anything about butt or ass. You can disremember it all you want. Neither you nor anyone in your life HEARD those terms. If you come up with proof, then submit it.


See, Sam, you seem quite vehement about denying that event occurred… you didn’t happen to go on any game shows during the '80s, did you? :smiley:

Okay, I finally got around to watching the clip on Snopes.

It mirrors the transcript (also on Snopes) nicely. If you watch carefully, it’s pretty clear that Olga says “the ass”. So it’s true…just a little embellished for the “smoking gun” effect. Like many other urban legends.

Also…as pointed out on the same page…Bob Eubanks had gotten many, many other responses like this over the years, so it’s hardly surprising he didn’t remember this one incident.

All clear? Everything squared away? May we get on with our lives now?

The snopes transcript says (excerpt):

According to that transcript, it’s not “The ass” either.

I always was willing to give Lib the benefit of the doubt, that he saw something - maybe he didn’t get all the details right, but he saw something. I think I might have been right. I think this transcript is a pretty good indication that at least some people saw something. I could never understand why so many of you seemed so HELL BENT on telling him he didn’t see something, that it never happened. Even if he didn’t see it (which I doubt) why be so adamant and hell bent on claiming he didn’t? The reaction seemed kind of out of whack, considering all we’re talking about is a damned game show.

Regarding Eubanks, one might think that when asked so many times about the episode, he might have said at least once, “No, that one never happened, but we did have one where a woman said ‘up the ass’.” The records show, however, that his denial was always categorical. He even anticipated the question wherever he went and was ready with his flat “No”. It is exceedingly reasonable that he might recall the episode because of his overexposure to the show in which he asked the question many times of couples. It was a standard one asked often.

(Thank you, Yosimite.)

That should have been “might not recall”.